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Victorinox launched this summer a digital story-telling operation during the Smart Times 2013 in Switzerland. For this occasion, they transformed a Victorinox Smart Car into a video-booth. Check here the entire story and how did they manage the event.
Victorinox-Smart-car-front  Victorinox-Smart-Car

Story-Telling is key

One of the most important keywords in the modern marketing and communication strategies worldwide is STORY-TELLING. Everybody talks about it, has his own definition, share things about it, but at the end; who is really doing it?


According to Jonathan Gottschall, author of the book The Story Telling animal, he thinks that humans are addicted to stories. It is in our nature. We want to hear stories no matter if they are true (biographies) or invented (tales). Check this intro-video that gives you an idea about our love for stories:

Victorinox, the story-telling curator

Well, Victorinox is. The Swiss company started 2 years ago with a new brand campaign called Victorinox stories. The entire purpose happened online with a very sophisticated mechanism allowing fans and customers to share their best stories about Victorinox. They get every week several new stories from all over the world. Fans,customers and even employees share their best inspiring stories. Drama, love, fun, holidays and good family adventures. All themes are pretty much covered. It is a huge source of User generated content.


Victorinox at the Smart Times 2013 – Switzerland

Smart-Times-2013-Switzerland-Buochs Smart-Times-2013-Switzerland

This summer, Victorinox brought the entire storytelling experience a step further by allowing people in a real life event to participate on the digital story-telling. During the Smart times event, that gathers more than 2000 Smart owners every year, Victorinox installed 4 High-Definition cameras inside the Victorinox Smart Car.


In the front dashboard you can see:

  • 2 HD handycams
  • 1 HD GoPro Hero
  • 1 Mini iPad with several questions

In the back side :

  • 1 HD GoPro Hero

The idea is that Victorinox visitors could enter the Victorinox Smart car and share their experiences with Victorinox on video. Each video would be placed on a youtube list and the 3 most popular videos would win a special limited edition Smart Times Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox-SmartTimes-Swiss-Army-Knife Victorinox-SmartTimes-Swiss-Army-Knife-2 Victorinox-SmartTimes-Swiss-Army-Knife-3


What is the aim behind? The idea for the swiss company is to engage with current and new customers. As innovation was always a leitmotiv for them, they use Digital as the most natural communication channel with customers. And only after a few minutes online, the playlist had already hundreds of views.

The entire operation was developed in partnership with a Digital video expert company called Breew. You can check their website here:


They have a solid experience with big companies to help them to be more visible online. With offices in Switzerland and in Singapore, Breew is a true international player in the modern story-telling segment.

When the story-telling becomes Digital, the user experience gets higher and they can go deeper into the brand universe. Either by being part of the scene or by calmly seat on a comfortable couch with an iPad somewhere watching the youtube channel of Victorinox.



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