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When speaking of winter fabrics, most people associate the upcoming season with wool, usually forgetting about such a wonderful option as tweed. Despite tweed technically also being a wool product, it is a lot different than the regular coarse textile. To make up for it being a severely underestimated fabric for the winter months, here are some tweed garments that every man who values his style should add to his wardrobe. 

Tweed Trousers 

This winter, say goodbye to boring denim jeans or suit trousers and embrace the texture and pattern of tweed pants. By simply sealing your regular bottoms to a pair of these trousers, you can effortlessly change your style from casual to classy while not cutting back on comfort. Choose those tweed pants that have a timeless pattern like Herringbone, as those are the easiest to combine with both a classic white shirt and a more distinctive knit.

Tweed Vest

Vests have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, and it is great to see these garments finally get the recognition they deserve. Contrary to popular belief, tweed vests are now as imposing as they might seem, and they can be incorporated in plenty of outfits with ease. For example, a dark tweed vest will look especially chic when worn over a fit white turtleneck sweater, thus creating an additional layer of warmth and sophistication.  

Tweed Flat Cap 

Ever since the airing of the Peaky Blinders series, the fashion world has gone crazy over Irish tweed flat caps, and if you don’t own one already, what are you even doing? This headpiece is more than a regular accessory – it is also a fashion statement and a token of Irish heritage. Classic colors such as gray and charcoal are definitely a go-to choice, but if you prefer a bolder style, you can find other more interesting options as well. Make sure to check out ShamrockGift men’s Irish clothing collection to choose a practical and stylish tweed flat cap to wear this season. 

Tweed Blazer 

At this point, the classic tweed blazer is no longer a clothing item in the fashion realm, but a true legacy. This blazer is a true game-changer when it comes to layering and styling your winter looks, be it a casual work outfit or a formal ensemble for an important event such as a wedding or engagement party. To create a laid-back combination, wear your tweed blazer with some dark jeans and a knit sweater underneath or dress it up by pairing with tailored trousers and a white shirt. 

Tweed Overcoat

Finally, moving to the piece de resistance of your winter wardrobe – the tweed overcoat. This garment is the definition of statement clothing, and thankfully it not only looks luxurious but also has an opulent touch and provides all the needed warmth and comfort to survive the cold weather. Getting a tweed overcoat is a bold choice that definitely stands out in a sea of mundane winter jackets, so you are guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. 

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