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This season, Ali Mahdavi gives an extra layer of glamour to Aubade. The sexy lingerie brand renews its famous “lessons in seduction” through the lens of talented photographer and artist Ali Mahdavi. Responsible for shooting a series of “Lessons in Seduction”, Ali Mahdavi writes a new chapter of the Aubade saga

Aubade, a great success story of seduction

Created in 1875 by Doctor Bernard, a corset specialist, the Aubade brand was founded in 1958, when panties and girdles were essential elements of women’s lingerie collections. No longer bound by the requirement to provide physical support, Aubade writes the first chapters of its story by offering sensual and glamorous products: lingerie becomes a real weapon of seduction.
For Aubade, the 90’s is the decade when its cult products are launched: the Bahia, the calendar… The 1990s also represent another keystone for Aubade: the launch of the first Lesson in Seduction. This is a real turning point in the development of the brand! These artistic and esthetic lessons are an ode to the seductive power of women, their refinement and their elegance. A black & white photograph that embellishes the body, but also the lingerie, accentuating a well-advised feminine tip with ironic humor. Aubade goes one step further and displays a beautified woman’s body in the streets for the first time! A series of posters that has instigated a real “French art of loving” for more than 20 years.

Aubade has been making innuendos, stimulating the senses and titillating the public since 1992… Unprecedented at the time of their launch, these extremely well-crafted black-and-white photos – designed like a faceless portrait gallery – invite onlookers to read between the lines with their elegant precepts. They instantly introduced a new way to see lingerie, its seduction and the pleasure that it offers women and their lucky men.
20 years after their launch, the “Lessons in Seduction” continue to leave an indelible mark on our minds. Based on the changing society that they reflect, they act as symbols of an era, anchored forevermore in the collective unconscious. The very image of women is overturned by these new codes: now women have control, giving and taking as they wish, while men are happy to partake in this sweet game of seduction.

Ali Mandavi, master of ultimate glamour

Born in Tehran in 1974, Ali Madhavi is an artist whose plurality allows him to range from photographer, multimedia artist to film and artistic director. He lives and works in Paris. Ali Mahdavi’s work obsessively stages the relation of man to the body and the beauty, inseparable from the excess of fantasy and the unconscious. It is eminently personal, in the sense that this artist imagines reaching a universal meaning only by fully exploring his own contradictions. It creates timeless images that appeal to recurring themes of the collective unconscious, such as beauty, desire or death.
He has reinvented glamour by playing with traditional codes and blending them with a contemporary approach of photography. He contributed to the iconic beauty of Dita Von Teese by photographing her lake no one. Ali Mahdavi plays with light like an architect. He will cut, reshape, build, disguise, highlight or sublime the human body by using light as a reveal. Women and men are picture like gods and goddesses and only one important idea prevails: Glamour. Ali Mahdavi photographs are glossy, bold, graphically perfect and artistically speaking… pure genius. He is one of the most gifted photographers-artists of his generation and his work can revamp and modernize a brand. This is what he did for Thierry Mugler. Now in this new artistic episode, Ali Mahdavi unveils  a new face of Aubade. He plays the continuity but with his own unique signature.

Ali Mahdavi for Aubade, cutting edge glamour

This incoming season, Aubade decided to reveal a new “Lesson in Seduction” series. Here is an introductionary video about the new collection and the work done by Ali Mahdavi

The result are 5 new lessons in seduction from N.170 to N.175. By looking into the photographic work we can see that every line, every shape, every skin texture, lights and shadows were strongly worked to get close to perfection. We could look at these pictures for ages and still feel that we can discover something about it. The work of Ali Mahdavi is plural, rich, contrasted and very often unexpected. See for yourself:






These five new lessons are master-pieces in how art can serve seduction and sexiness without being vulgar. Every shadow is a story that can be read with your eyes. Everything is done in a sublime and classy way. You can visit more about Aubade by connecting to the official website here:

Ali Mahdavi has a strong photographic signature and brands understand the power of glamour. You can visit the artist official website to learn more about this unconventional artist and accomplished photographer.

Sometimes you cannot avoid success. Well done.

José Amorim


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