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Alber Elbaz is back with his new project and brand called AZ Factory. With the first story called MyBody, Alber Elbaz reinvents fashion at the service of modern women. Alber Elbaz wanted AZ Factory to launch with a new digital, educational and entertainment-driven approach to fashion. After watching the show, Mr Elbaz has literally aged the fashion industry. Yes, Mr Elbaz, you have been missed a lot (really!). He took his time to fall in love with fashion again. He took a step back into the past, he looked to what was going on in the present and then he started shaping the future. And the future has arrived. Full review below.

AZ Factory: More Than A Fashion House, A True Modern Mission With A Purpose

When Alber Elbaz left fashion a couple of years ago, it was big news. As an artist, he felt it was the time to seek new horizons and free himself from the standards of an industry focusing more on business than on creation itself. We knew he needed some time but he would comeback to us. in a certain way he never left really as he multiplied encounters, collaborations and he travelled around the world trying to understand what was on women’s minds.

We are on a journey to design beautiful, purposeful, solutions-driven fashion that works for everyone. We are life, not just lifestyle, a place to experiment and try new things, our way”. – Alber Elbaz

With AZ Factory, Aber Elbaz brings back to fashion two things that have been missed for a while: humour and innovation. By placing his new brand into a specific mission away from the good old standards, women will be able to enjoy amazing and clever creations to help them in their daily lives. It is about smart fashion that cares. AZ Factory design beautiful, practical and solutions-driven fashion that works for everyone. The brand positioning is clear. They want their products to be solutions to problems and create joy. AZ Factory approaches customers as if they would be good friends. The proposed experiences are intimate at scale and reflect Alber Elbaz creative angle of emotional intelligence, sense of humour, and story-telling. It is also a story about openness and transparency. In a way like any human relationship should be, right?

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What we liked with last night’s show is that we saw Alber Elbaz precise body lines and how to make a woman look elegant in any situation. The clothes structure is beautifully done, playing with originality, comfort, innovation and sexiness. At the end it is not about the dress itself but about the dress worn by that woman or that other woman. Different people and different stories.

Let’s take as an example, the MyBody Puff Shoulder Dress. It is an elegant and adaptable style featuring AZ Factory’s AnatoKnit technology. The sleeves slightly hug the shoulders, giving you the option to wear it both on or off the shoulder. Each MyBody dress is designed with AZ Factory’s AnatoKnit technology to smoothly hold the waist and backside and provide gentle posture support. Thoughtfully intended to look good on all body types, this dress comfortably hugs and shapes your silhouette while enhancing your natural curves. Brilliant!

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The ambition of creating a dress that goes to all sizes of body silhouettes is a fantastic finding and probably will take the pressure from all women who feel frustrated when they gain or lose weight. This little miracle is possible thanks to what AZ Factory calls AnatoKnit. It is a new innovative knitwear technology that is basically almost invisible to the human eye and that works with the natural curves of the body. The fabric is made of ENKA® Viscose and Lycra. This combination of tech and specific fabrics allows breathability and comfortable movement. The result is a smooth, streamlined silhouette that simultaneously hugs and shapes you. I must confess this is mind-blowing.

What pleases the eyes is to see the Alber Elbaz style back. There is a structure, a shape, a line that will embellish the body and make you feel confident. If you feel comfortable in your outfit, you will be ready to move mountains. You can manage the daily challenges as well as special occasions. Mr Elbaz places the person who is going to wear his creations at the centre of all focus. The main goal is to please the client and empower her with a new look and new energy. This new collection comes at perfect times. While the world is suffering and everybody is doing their best to succeed in their lives, AZ Factory will provide the best fashion items as perfect companions of a busy life.

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Another highlight among highlights during the show is the “Pointy sneaks” presented. Honestly, in the beginning, I was wondering how this could look like but the end result is as glamourous as clever. We could even wonder why nobody thought this through before. According to AZ Factory, it is hybrid footwear that combines the comfort and function of a sneaker with the elongating benefits of a pointy-toe shoe.

Images are property of AZ Factory

Living a strange life with the pandemics, we tend to experience similar activities on the same day. From a Zoom video call with work to a yoga lesson to groceries at the store and taking care of kids, fashion should help you manage all of these and even more. This unique-statement design pairs sharp edges and a pointed tip to elongate the leg, creating a sleek, lean silhouette. The curved arch accentuates the raised foot, further emphasising the illusion of a taller figure. 

You can visit AZ Factory official website for more information about the approach and watch the whole collection. You will be amazed by the colours, the fabrics and the creative intention.

Mr Elbaz, you have been missed but now we all agree to say: welcome back!

José Amorim
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