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Byredo presents an immersive three-part installation in Paris, on the occasion of AW19-20 season, entitled « Rare Byrds of a Feather ». The main inspiration of this collection is BIRDWATCHING. According to Ben Gorham, Birdwatching is part of a subculture that if you are not into it, you might not know much about it.

This collection started around this idea of birds essentially and bird-watching as a sub-culture. It’s one that if you’re not a bird watcher you don’t know very much about – you may have an image associated with a person with binocular, but as a culture they have specific codes of behaviour, a very clear honour system”.
Ben Gohram

Byredo brings the pleasure of appreciating a special moment into life. Birdwatching is the opposite of today’s world where everything goes fast that we just spend superficial time on things. With Birdwatching, you take the time to appreciate each second and feel amaze by what you see. Rare birds is a concept that is very “current”. Rarity and scarcity are very contemporary concepts that will go along very well with Byredo handbags collection.


This collection is also a very honorably celebration of one of the most famous birdwatchers in the world: Salim Ali. Thanks to his work, Salim Ali created several bird sanctuaries in order to motivate and inspire rare bird protection around the world. He became part of the aesthetics exploration of this collection. In this collection we can see vivid colors that were inspired by natural colors found in rare birds. In order to bring a graphic aspect, Byredo used Rorschach’s inkblot prints. Normally these ink-marks are used in psychology but here, it highlight the symmetry of birds and the subjectivity of beauty.

The collection is not only made of handbags. You can also find an exclusive selection of birdwatching accessories that were designed by Ben Gorham as well as 10 wooden aviaries inspired by the Swedish tradition of wood-work.


As a global luxury brand, Byredo inspires by proposing original themes that will be treated to the ultimate possibility. There is no compromise. Byredo provides an interesting crossroad between arts, fashion and real life. Luxury brands are supposed to take this role as a holistic glue that will connect things together for the pleasure of the senses.

Jose Amorim

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