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logo-hermes-parisIf there is one mythical bag at Hermès, most of us would think about the Kelly bag. But, there is another one, chic, timeless trendy, for connoisseur. It is the Birkin Bag. And this bag has a story.

It was in 1981 when Hermès CEO, Jean-Louis Dumas, took a plane from Paris to London and seated close to british actress Jane Birkin. We must say Mrs Birkin was very well known in France thanks to her husband, the singer composer Serge Gainsbourg. So, while they were flying, Mrs Birkin tried to find something on her bag and everything felt into the ground. It was at that moment she said to Mr Dumas: “It is so hard to find a good Leather weekend bag”. ThesebirkinSerge words were not lost and 2 years later, Hermès created the Birkin bag, exclusively for her. The bag itself was based in a inhouse existing 1892 design. It did not take too long for this bag to become a sort of timeless IT bag. Soon, Mrs Birkin accepted that Hermès House may sell the bag in the leather catalog. The bag alway carries a key and a lock.

Since then, the Birkin collection got different materials used but always the same design. The Birkin bag price range goes from 900$ up to 150,000$, depending on the material used. Never outdated, today we can see it in fashion weeks, in TV series like Sex and the City, or Weeds…

birkinToday, the Traditional Leather craftman house launches a new look for its Birkin bag. Definitely younger, active and modern. Will it be the next summer IT bag? Pretty sure it will be part of the list.

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