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There are trendy brands and there are brands which create trends. J.M. Weston is definitely a Brand and a luxury house that sets trends in terms of masculine elegance. This year the French brand revealed an extraordinary collaboration between the in-house Artistic Director Michel Perry and probably one of the most talented fashion designers of his generation: Charlie Casely-Hayford. Between tradition, style and a contemporary vision of modern elegance, J.M. Weston presented an edgy collection. You can read our full review here.

To celebrate and illustrate the collaboration, J.M. Weston in partnership with Nowness, just revealed a video made from the collaboration of best visual talents. Piece of fine art.

Shoemaker J. M. Weston pairs up with menswear designer Charlie Casely-Hayford to add his style to its 123-year tradition. Watch as Lyon-based filmmakers Gasface roam the streets of London with the maverick tailor and the French brand’s Creative Director Michel Perry, who talk inspiration, their disjointed synergy, and “neo-punk” culture clashes.

This film is a brilliant piece of a modern chronicle about creativity reinvented, style and encounter between two creative spirits. French Lyon-based agency Gasface translated into images the spirit of J.M. Weston x Charlie Casely-Hayford collaboration. This film-makers were chosen because of their media approach. For them, Brands are strong cultural references and symbols f personal identity, beliefs, aspirations and experiences. The agency HUB. ID & Design brought the conceptual approach. In the manner of the highly acclaimed documentary New York “The Influencers” HUB. sign a new collaboration. This short andimmersive format called “Paris Calling” is contemporary and JM Weston plunges into new territory with strong and differentiating expression. The internet is at the heart of the creation process of the collection, in a universe permeated the souls of two emblematic capitals of Paris & London.


Emile Darves-Blanc, from Super Studio,  was responsible for photography in order to guarantee the edgy look of the collection. In addition to the photography work, there is the music of Paul Winslow, a true magician of electro-pop music. So we can see that there is no room for random success. J.M. Weston has enough talent to make it happen and to work with the best. That’s the approach of true luxury contemporary houses and here is definitely a best practice.

You can visit the official J.M. Weston website here for more information about the brand and the different collections:
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When talent goes along with creative rebellion, there are no words to describe the result. Only style prevails.


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