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In September, J.M. Weston brought the french touch to Geneva in Switzerland by re-opening its emblematic store of 29, Rue de la Croix d’Or. And the result is as subtle as elegant. Geneva has now a true temple for masculine elegance and men can find the latest collections by J.M. Weston in a sort of Curiosity Cabinet, designed by Michel Perry himself.

J.M. Weston and Geneva, a long elegant story

J.M. Weston is probably one of the first international Shoe manufacturer to establish in Geneva more than 30 years ago. So the history of the Brand and the Swiss city are connected. All the well establish business men and women from geneva are loyal customers of the brand. Being in a central position in the city, the J.M. Weston store benefits from a high street traffic. It is a discreet store yet with strong luxury recognizable codes, so you cannot just pass by without stopping and having a look on the window. And if you do that, you end up inside.


Michel Perry creates a rare shopping experience

The store was completely revised by Michel Perry, the Artistic Director of the brand. Mr. Cédric Dauch, head of Communications for the Brand, explained that Michel Perry wishes to create an unique experience in each of J.M. Weston stores in the world. He will be inspired by the city in which the store is located and also by his creative mind. So each store has its unique signature and ambiance yet, all remain coherent with the strong Brand DNA. For this store, he combines equal measures of brushed metal and the charm of wood, as well as natural leather, in a harmonious tribute to Art Deco cabinets—here revamped with 1970s furniture design references—where colour and organic shapes shake up the brand’s elegant, even aristocratic, refinement.


When talking to Michel Perry during the opening event, he explains that his interest on the chosen materials is on their ability to live with time and usage. A store is a place of living, so it needs to be marked by the lines of time, so it gets the “cachet”. All of the brand’s themes are present: beautiful materials; armchairs in leather and exotic wood; and an atmosphere in masculine shades punctuated with grey, black and ocean blue.

J.M. Weston iconic new collections revealed

During the evening, we were able to discover all new models and recent collaborations. Country Gents were at honor as well as the collaboration with Charlie Casely-Hayford. Naturally, the J.M. Weston loafer 180 was one of the stars of the evening as a pure symbol of timeless elegance.






The Special orders space

A very interesting area of the store is the “Special orders” salon. This is how the brand explains this special are: Michel Perry also created a lounge area for a total immersion experience in the expertise of J.M. Weston. This is where sales advisers help customers to design their fabulous dreamed-up items with special order service. It is a private and confidential space where customers can select from a range of leathers, colours, and meticulous finishes in order to create their own unique pair of shoes or large and small leather goods.
The lucky customer will be able to chose from a selection of 180 possible combinations. Dazzling box calfskin mixed with soft suede calfskin, or exotic leathers, are also given pride of place: customers can select ostrich and reptile leathers, such as lizard or alligator. You can also choose the stitching, laces, and sole—a collection of details that will make your J.M. Weston pieces unique, while remaining affordable. Once your order finalized, you will need to wait 10 weeks to have your shoes produced by hand in the J.M. Weston manufacture in Limoges – France. There is more than 100 different operations in the production of a J.M. Weston shoe. Each piece is manually assembled by an expert artisan. Here are some examples of special orders made in the manufacture.

JM-WESTON-commandes-speciales-2 JM-WESTON-commandes-speciales-3 JM-WESTON-commandes-speciales

You can check the brand official website to get more information: or visit the new Brand store in Geneva. Here is the address:
J.M. Weston
29, Rue de la Croix d’Or
1204 Geneve
Tel : + 41 (0)22 311 85 40
Fax : + 41 (0)22 310 91 35

Switzerland is an important market for J.M.Weston as Swiss people generally give attention to details, quality and stability. The French brand has definitely everything to please the Swiss Market.


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