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Discover, an anti-conservative and counter-cultural fashion website proposing different brands under the same philosophy: keep you away of fashion standardization. They have selected brands and some of them you might not find somewhere else. So check it out.


Karmaloop was founded by Greg Selkoe in 2000. He is an American entrepreneur and personality. He founded, Karmaloop TV,, Boylston Trading Co. and 10 private label clothing brands.


Karmaloop is currently headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with an office and TV studio in New York City. It is one of the world’s largest online retailers of streetwear, which includes footwear, apparel, accessories or housewares. With its 4,5 million unique visitors a month, Karmaloop became a fashion reference for the street culture. With more than 500 brand references, Karmaloop has an amazing product portfolio, with Brands like Vans, Mighty Healthy, 10Deep, Alife, WeSC, Married to the Mob, BLVCK SCVLE, Converse, Hellz Bells, Cheap Monday, Mishka, Creative Recreation, Crooks and Castles, Diamond Supply Co., G-Shock, Artful Dodger, Freshjive, Hot Air, Altamont, LRG, Supra, Burton, Truimvir, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, or New Balance. And there are much more.

Another highlight, luxuryactivist recommendation is Jeffrey Campbell shoes. This brand has been capturing the essence of the street; weaving it together with a vintage style & runway flair, creating a line of shoes instantly recognizable the world over.


Newspapers and magazines like The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, New York Times, USA Today, The Boston Globe or Business Week consider Karmaloop as one of the top world best e-Commerce websites.

In 2005, Karmaloop launched its Flagship store in the heart of the Boston’s famed Newbury Street shopping district. In a way is a tribute to its origins. It is an interesting store as you can find top Brands special editions for the store. Karmaloop also uses this store to test new brands. Check here a NECN coverage in which you can see Greg Selkoe explaining Karmaloop success.

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In Karmaloop website, there is also a special section called Blog, in which you can discover more content about street fashion culture. 2 sections : Mens Blog and Ladies Blog.
Karmaloo blog
Ladies blog Karmaloop

The interesting thing with Karmaloop website is about the lifestyle culture of it. Of course it is an amazing electronic shopping area but it also has a lot of content, news, videos and images about fashion street life. There is aways something new happening on this website: a new brand, a new event, operation, animations, promotions… you can visit it everyday and find something new. Here are some of the monthly highlights.

Highlights of the month

Do you have a smartphone? You can follow Karmaloop directly from your mobile phone thanks to the Karmaloop App, available for iPhones and Android. You can browse new products, the entire catalog and even check mood boards for inspiration.

Karmaloop App

Karmaloop App_2

For iphone, click here

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In terms of new products, 2 highlights would be the collection of T.I.T.S (Two In The Shirt) t-shirts and Vamp Line brand.




So, if you want to get into Street style, only one place where you can find all of it.



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