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Building a Winter wardrobe can be tricky sometimes. You want to ensure you are warm and dry, but you also want to keep your sense of style and look ultra-sleek no matter what the weather throws at you. 

Here are a few tips to remember if you want to change your wardrobe entirely or upgrade some of the pieces you have, like men’s footwear or a particular jacket or coat.

How Cold is it?

The first thing you need to consider is how cold it actually is. Do you live somewhere with snow, or does it just get chilly? You also have to decide how cold you get and whether or not you prefer to be bundled up or layered up.

Once you know how warm you want to be, then you can start looking at the items you may need. If your climate is still temperate, then a few long-sleeve shirts will do the trick; if it gets freezing, then you will need a thick coat, beanie, gloves, etc. 

Rain or Snow?

As mentioned already, if your Winter brings rain or snow, it will determine what items you will need in your wardrobe. Rain is easier, as a couple of waterproof and lined rain jackets will do the trick. 

If you get snow or bitterly cold weather, you will need a thick coat and items to layer with. Wool coats are always a great choice but look for something that suits you and your style and is also easy and comfortable to layer with. 


Speaking of layers, it is essential that you have a few thin t-shirts or vests in your wardrobe. Not only will they keep you warm, but it is far easier to dress if all of your warm layers are underneath what you want to wear. 

Layering is also great if you get too warm, as you can simply take off a layer or two and then put them back on again if the weather turns. 



Some of the best materials to look for in Winter clothing are cotton, leather, and wool. Cotton is brilliant for any season as it is breathable but will still keep you warm and protect you from the elements. 

Wool and leather aren’t as breathable, but they will insulate you better than anything else. Depending on how cold it gets, you may not need anything more than a t-shirt and wool coat to keep your upper body warm. 


A coat can be a game-changer in the cold weather, and no matter your taste, there is one to suit every style. When choosing a coat, opt for something that can be zipped or buttoned closed; this will keep the warmth and your body heat in. 

You also want to choose one that is a size or two too big, as this will allow you to comfortably wear a jersey or a few layers without feeling constricted. 


Your Winter wardrobe has to include a few essential accessories, namely, a beanie, scarf, and some gloves. Your head, neck, and extremities are the first things to feel the chill, and these items will provide the protection and warmth you need. 


With regard to footwear, you should have a pair of decent boots in your wardrobe. These can be the classic Chelsea boot, something more alternative like Dr. Martens, or a functional pair like Red Wings. 

If it is raining or there is ice and snow outside, a boot will provide grip and also protect your ankles if you were to slip or trip. Not to mention, boots are easily one of the most stylish things a man can own. 


Depending on your budget, there are ways to find many incredible Winter items at a very affordable price. Sites like eBay and Etsy have a ton of coat options, for instance, that aren’t always second-hand but rather up for resale. 

Form + Function

Stylish Winter clothing is always about finding the balance between form and function; you want to look good, but you also don’t want to be too cold or too hot. To find this balance, look for items that would work on their own if you had nothing else to wear. 

Coats are a good example again; ask yourself if the coat you want will still keep you warm if you were just wearing a t-shirt underneath or if it will be far too thick and almost unusable unless there is a snowstorm outside. 


Have a Few Focal Pieces

When building a wardrobe, the best way to keep your looks coherent and your wardrobe streamlined is to choose a handful of focus pieces and then make outfits around them. In this case, it can be a coat, a few jerseys, or a couple of pairs of pants. 

Once you have your focal pieces, buy or choose other items that match or complement them. This will not only ensure you always have an outfit no matter how much laundry you have but will also stop you from buying unnecessary items you will only wear once or not at all. 

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