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With the launch of a new Mocassin called Le Moc, JM Weston revive an exciting period of the Parisian history: the 60’s and the band of the Drugstore. They were young French dandies who literally became the opinion leaders of their time. It was a lot about music and style. From beautiful Bourgeois appartements to Punk-Rock and clothes, the Minets (kitties) were young, trendy, wealthy and shaped the look of an entire decade.

The 60’s, the wings of modernity just spread at all levels. Welcome to the avant-garde.

During the 60´s France had an amazing decade. The Second World War was already far away and we did not care about the future because, at that time, the future was right there, right at that precise moment. There was a full generation seeking a wind of freedom and satisfaction. It was the time to let the old world behind (wars, conflicts, decolonization…). The time was for modernity and avant-gardism. Many inventions happened during this decade:

  • The first flight of the Concorde
  • The space conquest started
  • The first working laser
  • The first transatlantic TV broadcasting
  • The invention of the birth control pills


In the music industry, there were some amazing revolutions happening that would shape the future landscape of sound. The 60’s influence in Rock, Punk, Pop can still be identified still today.

  • The Motown is founded in 1960
  • Elvis Presley finish the Army and released “Are you Lonesome Tonight?”
  • The Beatles start in 1964 their first American tour
  • The Rolling Stones released “I can’t get no Satisfaction”
  • The Supremes scored 12 number one hits between 1964 and 1969
  • The Kinks released “You Really Got me” in 1964


The Sixties in pop culture can be referenced in some cases nostalgically to describe the counterculture and revolution in social norms about clothing, music, drugs, dress, sexuality, formalities, and schooling; and in others pejoratively to denounce the decade as one of irresponsible excess, flamboyance, and decay of social order. The decade was also labeled the Swinging Sixties because of the fall or relaxation of social taboos especially relating to racism and sexism that occurred during this time. It was the time for freedom and self-expression. The US, the UK and France experience their decade of freedom and the young generations had in mind: “Carpe Diem”.

Les Minets, seeking freedom and timeless elegance. The new French dandies.

In Paris, during the 60’s a new generation of trendsetters raised. We used to call them the “Minets” (kitties), the Minets of Champs Elysées, the golden jackets or the Drugstore band. They were young, rich and discovered a field of freedom to develop their passions and their style.



They were the new dandies. They would dress like movie stars, party all weekends and influence the fashion, music and social landscape in society. 2 major brands were adopted by them: Renoma for the clothes and JM Weston for the shoes. The Mocassin or Penny Loafer would set the signature look of the Drugstore band. It was a way to keep a timeless elegance in a more young and modern way. The Mocassin was the perfect shoe to wear during a posh Rallye in a beautiful duplex apartment in the bourgeois areas, as well as in a nightclub playing the Kinks.

JM Weston reinvents the Mocassin with Le Moc and sets a new era for the Drugstore band.


The famous French luxury shoe house, JM Weston is undeniably connected to what contemporary elegance is. Shoemaker since 1891, JM Weston has set the style for a modern gentleman. It was natural that during the 60’s all trendsetters would adopt the Weston shoes. The Mocassin was a complete icon of elegance and modernity and still is. By mastering the techniques of premium shoemaking, JM Weston remains a true qualitative reference in the world of masculine elegance.
In 2015, JM Weston dares to review their iconic shoe, the Mocassin 180. More than 60 years later after its creation, the Mocassin get a new chapter: Le Moc by JM Weston. jm-weston-drugstore-band-2015  


This summer (and beyond) you will be tempted to wear them. New colors, a new modern soft construction will seduce your feet for a new elegant experience. The shoe itself is built with a high degree of mastery. Soft calf skin leather forms the upper part of the shoe while box calf covers the ankle borders. The sole works with rubber inserts finished with a final leather layer. A perfect, casual yet elegant shoe that will be your perfect companion. You can read a full article about it here:
JM Weston Le Moc.
In the print advertising, you rediscover the –Drugstore minets in a contemporary vision of manhood. They hang together, share intense moments together and walk to go further. It is an interesting aesthetics as the 60’s is still a great source of inspiration. Truthful to its Parisian roots, JM Weston explores the city of lights by showing these new dandies in different places, from the Seine river sides to the Parisian roofs. jm-weston-new-campaign  jm-weston-le-moc-campaign 

Le Moc integrates the best of JM Weston creativity and know-how. Recreating an icon is a complex challenge because you need to keep the essentiality of the original product and yet bring something new to be considered. So far we can say JM Weston found the perfect balance to such exercise. Michel Perry dares to revisit the brand DNA with panache, which is the mark of great creators. You can discover more about JM Weston and the new Moc by visiting the brand official website:

You really got me now! 



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