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It’s been a while I did not talk about the Lady Dior’s saga. Probably because every new “episode” was more and more boring. But here with the new Lady Dior Shadow & Light… I must say that writing an article about it became an obsession. In deed the photographic work is purelly magnificent. Congratulations to the Maison Dior by bringing back this vintage yet modern twisted imagery.


Marion Cotillard is put on stage by the artistic eye of Jean-Baptiste Mondino. She is fresh, super elegant, naturally sexy and definitely the Dior allure. The photographic work is divine. Less is more and sometimes photographers should come back to basics, which means light, perspective and the “eye”.


The artistic work is interesting because there is a modernization of what a Man Ray would have done. We keep the lights, the very unnatural pose but there is much more than that. There is a video clip touch on it. That’s why Jean-Baptiste Mondino was the perfect person for this shot. He masters photography and Video clips. He also shot many campaigns for Dior with Marion Cotillard, so he knows her plastics very well. He was also the person behind the J’adore video ad with Charlize Theron.


So here we have lights exposing the model and the objects in a very traditional way, but the photographer played with color philters which give a kind of rock-urban attitude. It is very subtle but it brings all the interest of it. It is all about a traditional structure with a modern signature. Like Marion Cotillard’s look: A beautiful Dior “new Look style” with just a simple black top. No Jewels, just a simple yet modern hair cut and make up. It is so modern!


The making of is available on the Dior youtube channel and you can watch it here below. The photos and the video could have been a Tarantino movie.

Marion Cotillard has really something of a natural elegance. Here she has a role of a Femme Fatale, like we loved to watch in the 50’s. Between the anti-heroine and the sensual woman, the femme fatale is definitely a timeless feminine archetype. And because Marion Cotillard is not one, it gives a sort of modernity to the role.



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