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2016 will definitely be an interesting year for fashion. After the rise and fall of many iconic brands and designers, there is a true renewal in the fashion landscape. One of the most expected brands next year is YESAH and we can already say that many it girls will be wearing it in 2016 and beyond.
There are more than 80 million people working in the fashion/apparel industry around the world (source: that generate around $500Billion worldwide. It is hard to define but there are approximately 2 million fashion/apparel brands and when you are a young fashion designer, why should you start your own label as the market is over saturated? Probably the main reason would be talent. And talent is something that YESAH has to offer.
Behind this indy brand is young fashion designer Linda Hao. This Young artist was born in Shanghai and lives in Singapore. She established her brand in 2002 and draws her inspiration from Music and Film, 2 big passions in her life. These make her fashion energetic, vibrant, colorful and yet very well cut and confortable. It appeals to women who wish to live their life to the fullest.
Linda-Hao-Yesah  Linda-Hao-fashion-artist 
She did her final studies in fashion at Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore. Aside her fashion passion, she became a DJ and together with a friend she started mixing for fashion brands like Chanel, Steve Madden or Topshop to name just a few.
From this parallel passion came a lot of creativity. YESAH has now 5 distinctive collections from fashion apparel to garments and accessories. In 2013, Linda Hao launched YESTOTES, a line of tote bags that became must haves quite fast. The brand started spreading via its online shop, shipping all items locally as well as worldwide. Every year, YESAH gets new distributors and already started a selected retailer network in Asia Pacific.
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In 2014, the fashion brand got worldwide visibility thanks to its participation to the Bangkok fashion week. Lots of press clips happened and today this young brand is ready to conquer the world. It is interesting to see that finally Asia is launching new strong talents that will take the lead after the asian wave of the 90’s with Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto or other Rei Kawakubo. If you wish to learn more about this brand, you can check the official website here: 
Asia has a tremendous creative and historic background that will for sure shine in fashion and in arts in general. It is from the deep roots and heritage that we can build the talents of tomorrow. 


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