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Created by Anne-Laure Hennequin, fragrance expert, I got the chance to discover a new Pocket Quiz about fragrances. It is called Master Parfums. One hundred and twenty questions,forty-four cards and four themes to challenge your fragrance knowledge.


Behind this very interesting  game, one company: Fragrantly Yours. This company was created by Anne-Laure Hennequin. She is a fragrance expert. After a successful career working  for prestigious companies like Kenzo Parfums, Prada and Puig, Ms Hennequin decided to create her own company in  2017. Driven by Edutainment, she engages and motivates the participants by providing – as well of a multi-cultural expertise of fragrances and selling- self-confidence and passion for their job: essential conditions for increasing sales.


With Master Parfums, you will enjoy a journey into the passionate world of fragrances. Four themes for four colors:

  • Rose: History, Literature and Mythology
  • Orange: The Fragrance Behind the scene
  • Blue: The Olfactory Palette
  • Green: Brands, Fragrances and Tips

There are also three levels of expertise, that allow you to deep dive into the game:

  • Amateur
  • Connoisseur
  • Expert

The game objective is to play against family and friends in order to win 12 cards. To win the cards you will need to correctly answer a question amateur of each color, a question connoisseur of each color and an expert question of each color as well.

Give back the grandeur to the fifth sense and dive into the perfume universe while playing, these are the aims of MASTER PARFUMS®: educational games for all to “discover what your nose knows”, stimulate your sense of smell and your creativity!






What perfume of Carolina Herrera bears the name of Manhattan phone code?
at. 212
b. 786
c. 001

Can we extract the essence of  red fruits?
a. Yes
b. No

In Japan, what ceremony invites you to listen to perfume with incense?
a. Unami
b. Ko-dô
c. Ki Kong

I really enjoyed to play this game. No matter if you are a fragrance expert, a perfume aficionado or simply someone who wants to learn more about fragrances, this game will be a great entertainment. From all the senses, scent is the one we know the less. The fragrance world has always excited people’s curiosity and with the Master Parfums game, you will be delighted to learn more.

Do not hesitate to visit the company website and to contact Ms Hennequin in case you are interested to purchase the game. Contact information:
Anne-Laure Hennequin
+34 616 212 809

In conclusion, when you learn something new while playing, you remember things more easily. With Master Parfums, you will be able to amaze yourself and your friends.

José Amorim

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