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AgileBits is a Canadian based company founded by 2 people: Roustem Karimov and Dave Teare. They have a brilliant software called 1Password, compatible with Apple, Android or Windows. It allows us to save our most sensitive data and it is one of the best softwares/Apps in the market for Data safety.

1password logoWith our Digital life growing more and more, one very important matter comes to our minds almost each day, or even several times a day : “what is my password?” In deed, how many online accounts, credit cards, email addresses, loyalty program numbers and frequent flying client numbers one have today? According to the Guardian newspaper, one person can have around 200 different “sensitive information” like passwords, pin codes, etc… The average person can remember around 50 passwords, phone numbers and pin codes. It is not bad but definitely not enough.

1Password can help you with this and much more. If you are a Mac user, you need this. You can synchronize all your passwords via WIFI with your Macbook, iPhone, iPad,iPod Touch, etc… So that you never waist your time trying to remembering that password.

Some of the features you can find in 1Password:

– Web Browsers perfect integration

– Strong passwords generator

– Automatical Login fill in
1password login

– Store your Credit Cards for speed online shopping
– Wifi synchronization via Dropbox
– Compatible with iCloud.

After have tried lots of apps, I am definitely big fan of 1Password. It is simple to use, secured and with a great design. Check here a video about it made by macworld.


This app won several prices on the past 3 years, which shows the quality of the work done.
macworld-eddy AWARDS


If you would like to try this great software, you can download it here:

If you wish to get it on your iPhone, flash the code here:
QRCode 1password iPhone

So, it is a real luxury to extend one’s memory and keep our secrets save.


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