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Here is our 2014 look on the best of Switzerland online. With such a developed country in terms of telecommunications and a national digital market pretty much mature, the quality of digital is quite High. Several leading brands as well as great web partners have establish great strategies and we can find people of great quality. Get ready for the Swiss tour of digital.

Swiss 2013 internet key figures

Switzerland is a powerful digital country. Not only because everybody (or almost) has a smartphone and use it for internet browsing, but because of the number of people working in the digital business overall. The internet penetration rate is part if the highest in the world, especially in the age class of 20-29 years old (96%). In the contrary, the oldest is the population the less they go online. The age range 70+ has only 30% of internet regular users.

swiss internet stats 2013

In terms of Regional split, Swiss-germans and Swiss-french are kindly fighting for the first place in terms of internet usage. Far behind is the Swiss-italian.

internet swiss consumption
The Swiss-german part has the strongest internet
Penetration of 88%, followed by Suisse-Romande with 77% and just behind the Italian part of Switzerland with 70%. These differences can be explained by different reasons. There is a stronger concentration of international companies in Zürich and Geneva and many Swiss administrations are in Bern. In the Italian part of Switzerland the population average age is higher than in the others, so internet consumption would go along with it.
When it comes to reasons why people would use internet in Switzerland, we can see that E-Mails are by far the biggest reason. The intense usage of smartphones made us with “E-Mail everywhere”.

swiss internet usage
After E-Mail, Swiss people loves to read news online. From mobile and desktop browsing towards mobile apps, most of the main news media have tackled the digital edition for a while now. NZZ, Le Temps but also 20Minutes or Blick have powered the Swiss web with everyday’s news.
Another remarkable point is the usage of internet to interact with Swiss administration in 3rd position. In deed Switzerland administration developed several online services that are very useful in the everyday life. E-commerce and E-banking is used by more than 50% of internet users which is also a high score. While 40% of internet users say to download music from the internet, only 16% download video-games or play online. Last but not least, more than 30% of users get regularly information about politics but less than 9% would give their opinion online.
From where Swiss people connect to Internet ? Well, a huge 97% of them connect from home and only 51% would connect from work.

Swiss internet stats usage
An interesting fact to be highlighted in the graphic above is the recent spectacular growth of internet Mobile (the yellow line). In 2008 only 7% of Swiss internet users would browse the web via mobile. In 5 years, this figure reaches 53%. With 3.3 million smartphones in circulation, in a country of 8 million people and a strong 4G network, it is inevitable. A lot of business people travel in Switzerland by train, which also increases mobile internet via laptops and 3G cards.
In terms of Internet time usage, there are several differences depending on the age and professional purposes.

Switzerland internet figures 2013
While a strong majority spend less than 6 hours per week online, 20% of Swiss internet users spend more than 10/15 hours.

Switzerland has great Digital agencies

As the national market for digital is pretty much mature in Switzerland, there are several professional agencies working on what digital has to offer at its best. Here is a top selection, at LuxuryActivist we know them very well and we personally reviewed them.

Zürich – Feinheit, the dreamer strategist

Zürich is the biggest city in Switzerland. From Finance to Insurances towards cutting edge high-tech, we feel that the world come to Zürich. A lot of people work in digital companies and here is a snapchat on one of them, probably one of the
most creative: FEINHEIT.

Everything is made in Switzerland and they have a broader range of services. From digital creative campaigns towards strategic options for web, training and translation, you can really count on them to lead you to an innovative path.

Zug – COundCO, high-level full service

CoundCo agencyCoundCo
From strategy to advertising, communication, websites, mobile apps , brand digital positioning, they will work with you always respecting the true nature of your brand DNA.

Basel – OpenInteractive, freedom is a must

Basel is one of the cultural cities of Switzerland. The city has several Art galleries and foundations. It is also very well known for its carnival, one of the most important manifestations in Europe. So out of this amazing city, only creative minds would burst. And it is the case of OpenInteractive. They are creative but above all they love open source.

OpenInteractiveopen source is freedom
At this level of operation, it is not obvious to push open sourced solutions but they cleverly succeed. Of course they also build and support many other platforms. They are very good with small projects under wordpress but also with big international projects under Hybris.

Lausanne – Breew, video was always their passion

Lausanne is an amazing city. Considered by French Le Figaro as the best city to live in the world, it is probably a perfect blend between cultural wealth, dynamism and nature. In this city you can meet people from everywhere and some of them have been working in Digital already for a while. It is the case of Breew. Its founder, Thierry Weber, was already publishing videos online even before the existence of youtube. So videos are their thing!

Breew LausanneBreew video digital agency
They are probably the most expert agencies in Switzerland for video. In the air, under water, in a car or in a room, they push video possibilities. Any event, conference or advertising can be done with them. They also got a good expertise in storytelling which is a hot topic right now.

Geneva –, when digital luxury is a must

In the world there are many people who think that Geneva is the capital of Switzerland. Of course they are wrong as the administrative capital is Bern. But they probably think this because the entire world is in Geneva. Finance, exhibitions, business, luxury and glamour. It is a very cosmopolitan city and amazing companies are located there. It is definitely one of the birth places of Watch-making with the famous Poinçon de Genève since 1886. So when it comes to luxury in Switzerland you are at the right place. And one of the amazing agencies for Digital in luxury is luxury web agency
Sometimes bringing together luxury and digital is almost impossible. Luxury brands are conservative, afraid of loosing control of their content and often not comfortable to connect with the final customer. So you need to work with the right Partner for this and is the perfect one. The aim of the agency is to help Brands glow digital. From open source solutions towards Design, artistic direction, mobile apps and even e-commerce. With customers like Vacheron Constantin, Valmont, L’Oréal, Richemont Group or Kempinski, is the Swiss player in digital for luxury companies.

After this Swiss tour of digital, you can see that Switzerland has amazing resources.

Swiss digital
Every company, every partner is dedicated to what they do, friendly and trust worthy. It is good to be in Switzerland.

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