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The iPhone 3G S Supreme. This iPhone boasts of 271 grams of 22ct solid gold and the front bezel is adorned with 136 flawless diamonds which amounts to a total of 68 cts. The Apple logo on the back is also in solid gold and further accentuated with the use of 53 flawless diamonds (1ct). The home button, meanwhile, is highlighted with a single cut and very rare 7.1 cts diamond. This very opulent iPhone designed by Stuart Hughes. Good taste or not ? Part of the answer may be found in the designer website : The iPhone also comes with an extra special packaging. It ships in a 7kg chest made out of a single block of Granite in Kashmir Gold and its inside is lined with Nubuck top grain leather. Interested? The iPhone 3G S Supreme costs $3.2 million which basically means if you’re not earning as much as Manny Pacquiao or Tiger Woods, this iPhone is way out of your league.

So if you think 100$US for an iPhone is expensive, what about 3,2 million dollars ?