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Would you like to have your own personal shopper inside your iPhone ? Because if you do, you may like to think he will appear like a Genie in a bottle (no common references with Christina Aguillera song…). You need to discover Vogue new iPhone App called VOGUE STYLIST. You can click on the icon here and get an automatic download. Create personalized fashion and Vogue Stylistbeauty looks based upon the top trends identified by Vogue Editors. See the items that you own styled with the latest fashion, accessories and beauty products from the brands in Vogue.
Stylist: Get the latest looks based on Vogue’s top trends each month. Customize the looks with items you already own and products in Vogue.
Wardobe: Create your virtual wardrobe by taking photos of the clothes, accessories and beauty products that you own. Save favorite products from Vogue to your wardrobe
Shop: Browse the products from advertisers featured in Vogue. Locate a store near you or click to buy. Save and publish your favorite products to Facebook
Unlock Content: Unlock exclusive content such as special event invitations, product sampling offers, shopping discounts and exclusive videos by taking pictures of the ads in Vogue. Check here some images took from the iPhone.