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The brand FUZZ is created in 2016 by Nadja Axarlis. She works first as a buyer for the famous Swiss department store Bongenie Grieder, which is why she knows the needs of modern customers. Like Nadja Axarlis, many of her friends wanted to take advantage of the fur assets, but they gave it up for ethical reasons. The mission of Nadja Axarlis is then clear; FUZZ had just been born. Quality, good conscience and fair production are at the heart of the concerns. The first collection is therefore in production and includes jackets, coats and waistcoats both trendy and timeless. They are made in Paris, the capital of fashion. Here is an exclusive interview from Nadja Axarlis for

Luxury Activist (LA) – How did you get to the idea of launching Fuzz?
Nadja Axarlis (NA): The idea was born last autumn within a small circle of girlfriends where we discussed different global issues and then came to talk about the ethics, animals and fur. Some of my girlfriends stopped wearing their real fur saying it doesn’t feel right anymore. The others, who still wear fur, would like to drop it for the ethics, but not for its glamourous look. No chic alternative really exists on the market they said – and that I knew myself! So the idea was born.

LA – What exactly is Faux-Fur?
NA- Faux Fur or fake fur is a synthetic textile fabric. It is typically made out of Polyester and Acrylic. It needs to be dyed, cut and processed to reach a certain color or hair-length. There is only a few suppliers who manage to copy real fur so well that you cannot tell – and we have found them!


LA- What is the main difference between Fuzz and other brands of Faux-Fur?
NA- Other brands position their fake fur on purpose as fake fur or even “fun fur”, meaning their styles will be colorful (baby pink or blue) or patterned (stars or dots) which I respect – but they are targeting a different client, younger, and maybe someone who is looking on purpose for a statement piece that screams I am wearing fake fur.  Some other brands do indeed copy the real thing such as fox, rabbit or mink but they just haven’t managed to find good qualities that make their pieces credible.

LA- What is your favorite piece of the new collection?
NA- It is the faux mink coat with an oversized hood that comes in three colors. It is a timeless piece and because of the integrated coulisse-belt it creates a body-skimming fit and a sporty but elegant silhouette. It is also the most pricey piece in the collection. Also this is the piece that I wore when I got approached by a PETA activist last winter. She didn’t believe it was fake – that was my moment of confirmation!

LA- How would you describe the typical client of FUZZ? What will she come to look for in FUZZ?
NA – Anybody who doesn’t want to let go of the glamourous fur-look can find the same “Wow-effect” in this collection. Finally “You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur”  – as Karl Lagerfeld said.



LA- With this new adventure starting, what will be your biggest challenge over the coming months?
NA- Launching the online-shop. We hope to reach the clients from all over Europe or further, not only Switzerland. Also just simply being in the fashion industry is a whole challenge per se, as everything is rolling so fast, you have barely started with sales within season and you have to already be working on the next season’s collection! Not to mention, the social media has taken over and this is a 24/7 game!

LA- What can we wish you for the future? 
NA – That as many as possible switch from Fur to Fuzz! We are living in 2017 and we are all too well informed so there is no more excuse to wear fur!  This is not just a new brand, this is a whole new revolution and we want to be a big part of it!

We wish good luck to Nadja Axarlis for her new adventure and let’s hope that such initiatives will bring a switch in the mindset of fashion people.

José Amorim

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