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Having foliage indoors transforms the atmosphere of the place. It relaxes and provides oxygen while enhancing the aesthetics of the room. The greenery around the house increases focus, reduces stress, and improves mood and sleep. 

There are countless plants to choose from and it can be challenging to pick the right one for your home. Some plants require more upkeep than other plants while some can be bright and lighten up the room. If you are at a loss on which plants to pick, here are 6 types of plants that will brighten the look of your home and your mood.

1. Snake Plant

One of the most popular house plants due to their survivability is the snake plant (Dracaena trifasciata). These plants will stay alive for 10 days even if you forget to water them. They create the illusion of height in a room while filtering the air. 

They are usually placed in front rooms and bedrooms. This plant needs warm temperature and well-draining or succulent soil to thrive. Water it when the soil dries out and don’t let the soil get soggy as the roots will be susceptible to rot. Keep into consideration that snake plants are toxic to dogs and cats as they can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and upset stomach.

2. Peace Lily

If you are looking for a “tranquility” vibe, Peace Lily is the right choice for you. The white flowers give the angelic feeling of the plant while the green leaves soothe the mood. It is perfect for places with low light as it requires some shade, and can thrive in windowless rooms comfortably. Similar to snake plants, they are low maintenance as Peace Lilies need to be watered at least once per week. If you forget to water them, they will hang downwards. Unfortunately, they are not pet-friendly, so you need to think twice if you have pets around the house.

3. Pelargoniums

This flowered house plant is as beautiful as it gets. They help you achieve the vintage or bohemian look you want in your room, and are also great for romantic nights. Its flowering season is from spring to fall and it comes in various shapes and colors; as seen on, its flowers can be pink, red, purple, white, and other colors. The variety of colors can help you decorate different rooms and styles with Pelargoniums. This plant is low maintenance as well. 

It withstands high heat and will survive if you forget to water it for a while. Make sure to put it in a pot with draining holes as it might wither from waterlogging.

Photo by vadim kaipov on Unsplash

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and for its unique look. It is usually placed on the windowsill to absorb as much light as possible. It is also placed in kitchens by the windowsill because you can pinch off a leaf and use the gel substance to soothe burns and speed up the healing process. Here’s another low-maintenance plant on our list as it only needs bright light and to be watered once every three weeks in the summer and even less in the winter.

5. Pothos Plant

Pothos plant is almost unkillable and one of the most popular house plants worldwide. It can survive in dark rooms and tolerate over-watering and under-watering, so whether you forgot it or gave it extra love, it will still thrive. It keeps growing and before you know it its leaves will be everywhere. That’s why it looks great on shelves or bookcases as it gives a “nature” vibe to the room. Although it’s unkillable, you will need to wipe its leaves from dust with water and cloth as the dust will encourage more growth.

6. Ti Plant

The Ti plant is wonderful to create a focal point in a room without using a green plant. This plant has a vibrant reddish-pink color combination. It can be a little bit costly as it is native to Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. It is the most demanding plant on our list as it needs a whole day of full to partially filtered sunlight as too much direct sunlight can burn the plant. They thrive in slightly acidic soil and are watered regularly.

These 6 plants will brighten your home instantly and give it a relaxed atmosphere. Most of the house plants are low maintenance as they don’t need regular attention. It is essential to know how to care for any plant before getting one as they won’t look as bright and vibrant if they are withered. Green plants are great for the natural feel while colorful plants can change how the room looks.

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