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A luxury lifestyle isn’t just about fancy parties or expensive watches. While those things are definitely a big part of living it up—what distinguishes a life of luxury from a life of performative opulence is how you live the other aspects of your life. Is your life luxurious when you’re just lounging around the house? Is it luxurious when you go on a camping trip?

Plenty of people can put on a nice suit and call it a day. However, if you’re truly interested in living a luxurious “lifestyle,” extravagance should permeate every aspect of your life—even the ones other people don’t see. Here, we’ll talk about how you can bring luxury into the less obvious parts of your life.


You might see this heading and think: well, obviously, travel is part of a luxurious lifestyle! And you’re not wrong. But traveling to unique places isn’t where the extravagance ends. There are many ways to travel to expensive and luxurious places without actually EXPERIENCING them. Here are a few ways to travel more luxuriously.

Buy the Best Gear for the Occasion

Whether you’re lounging on the beach for a few weeks or camping in the mountains, you should invest in the best clothing and gear to do so. While a trip like camping might seem less luxurious than sunbathing on a yacht, that doesn’t have to be the case. Getting gear that maximizes comfort and enjoyment can elevate sleeping in the woods to having a life-changing and relaxing experience. When you’re willing to invest in the right gear and clothing, any tri, no matter how strange, can be more luxurious than an above-average hotel.

To use the camping example again—hiking and setting up tents is much less stressful and backbreaking when your shoes and gear aren’t breaking or subpar. With brands like Canada Goose for men, high quality and stylish winter gear can make an otherwise unpleasant trip into the height of luxury. 

Purchase Authentic Souvenirs

If you’re in an exotic place, you should spend money on things that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s unwise to go out of your way to go to a foreign country or unique city and end up soliciting boutiques of brands you can get anywhere. Instead, spending money on local and authentic goods will not only make you more worldly but will populate your wardrobe and home with stories that you couldn’t get elsewhere. Part of traveling is getting to talk about your experience, but if your time abroad was the same as your time at home, it doesn’t change much of anything about you or how you’re seen.

Don’t Skimp Out on Experiences 

Have you ever been at a dinner party and there’s one person that’s done so many amazing things that they never run out of stories? They probably get a lot of attention and respect. Even if they don’t think of themselves as luxurious, they come across that way because of their deep well of experience.

If you’re ever traveling and see an opportunity to see or do something you’ve never seen or done before, you shouldn’t skimp out on the opportunity. Don’t choose a day of lounging over a day of skydiving, for example. Don’t choose the hotel pool over a wonder of the world. A luxurious lifestyle is also a luxurious mindset. Rather than avoiding things for the sake of splendor, someone truly luxurious will be open to new experiences, bringing their lifestyle with them. 

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Everybody has a body, even the wealthiest people on earth! No matter what clothes you wear, you still have something underneath them. Taking care of your body to the greatest extent is a luxury that only some people can commit to and afford. If you’re wearing the nicest brands but still eating poorly, you’re not living a luxurious lifestyle. Here are a few ways that you can make even your literal life luxurious.

Eat Organic and Nutritious Food

Eating well is a part of every luxurious lifestyle. Finding the best ingredients is imperative for the most delectable and nutritious meals possible. Focus on getting organic and local food and produce, and avoid pre-packaged, artificial food. Try to refine your palate with complex flavors and ingredients. While everybody needs to eat, you should also WANT to eat. It should be a quintessential part of your lifestyle. 

Invest in the Proper Medical Care

If you have the opportunity to regularly go to the doctor or a therapist, you absolutely should. Not only is it good for you, but it will help you attain a more luxurious lifestyle. Why? Well, it’ll prevent any massive health crises to regularly screen yourself for possible problems, and it will make you more in tune with yourself. Mental health care also allows you to develop the confidence and security of a luxurious lifestyle. 

See your body as an investment just like nice clothes. You want it to be sturdier and last longer while feeling and looking great! 


Living luxuriously doesn’t necessarily mean living expensively. It mostly means living at the height of comfort and quality and being open to the many experiences available in the world to you. A luxurious lifestyle will follow you to even the more boring days or stranger places. Integrating that mindset into your more mundane tasks and plans will make your life more exciting and lavish, regardless of what that means to you.

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