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One of the best ways to bring your home décor to life is with some high-quality houseplants. While coming to life might seem like a terrible pun, it is more a reflection of the lift plants gives to your interior design. The texture, colour, height, and layers offered by houseplants can transform a room and add that focal point that gives zing to your things. 

Here we look at some plants that give your interior that look of luxury you are pining for.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

You can buy a Fiddle Leaf Fig small and then watch as it grows up to 6 feet tall. The large waxy leaves give that feel of jungle chic. The best thing about this plant is that you can grow it from cuttings easily enough, and it is easy to care for when kept in the moist and humid air.

As these plants grow so large and can be nurtured from a cutting, they offer great value for money. Remember to identify a space where they can emerge to their full size and give them lots of bright but indirect light. Keep the soil slightly moist, watering them once or twice per week.

Money Tree

A money tree doesn’t grow money, which would break the bank. However, it is an affordable tree and grows into a feature in a room. Your money tree is a hardy plant and difficult to kill, which again is a money saver. It can also grow in full sun or shade and peas at about 1.5 metres tall. Make sure you soak the soil once a week, and your tree will thrive.

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Black Velvet Elephant Ear

Seriously, the name alone will add some luxury to your home. Imagine a friend coming over and asking about your plant, and you say, “Oh, that’s just my black velvet elephant ear.” Impressed visitor guaranteed! The plant is also beautiful, with its darker green hue and the stark white of the veins. Its shape is like an elephant’s ear, and the plant can grow up to about 6 feet tall in the right conditions.

This plant is so lovely because, with a little bit more care and maintenance, it will reward you with yellow flowers. So, you get the lush darkness of the leaves and the contrasting delicacy of the flowers.

Make sure you water it twice a week and keep it in partial sun. Be sure to avoid burning the leaves with too much direct sunshine.

Heartleaf Philodendron

These tree-like houseplants are native to Central America and the Caribbean. Already you should be thinking luscious jungle, and you would be right. The leaves are, in fact, heart-shaped and droop long from the central trunk. You can actually propagate this plant in only water, but growing in a hanging basket or a pot placed high in a room is easiest. 

The best thing about this plant is that it can easily be grown from cuttings and thrives best with misting with a sprayer and only slightly moist soil. In short, you can grow it for free, and it is happy to grow – mostly in your bathroom.

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is hardy and low-maintenance and can easily become a feature in a room with its long, snake-like leaves. It is a plant native to West Africa but positively thrives as a houseplant in the UK’s cooler climate. The leaves can grow as long as 2 metres in length. But what is so great about this plant is that it removes over a hundred pollutants from the air you breathe. Imagine the value of a plant that looks so luxurious and works better than most air filtration units you might choose to buy.

This plant grows well in indirect sun and shade and likes to be watered once a week in the warmer months and only once a month in the colder months. The only big tip is to keep this plant out of cold drafts.


You can bring the luxurious green lush of houseplants into your home. Most can be grown easily from cuttings, and others are bought small and nurtured to grow into the feature pieces you desire.

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