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If there is one wedding trend that is here to stay, it would be vintage-themed ones. There is something about this theme that is just enticing and irresistible to couples. It could be the romantic nostalgia it evokes, the fashionable attires, or the timeless aesthetics. Whatever it is, vintage weddings will always be popular and a favorite.  

Contrary to popular belief, a vintage wedding is not limited and bound to just one set of visuals and presentation. Vintage weddings can draw inspiration from different bygone eras and periods in history. In turn, couples can utilize this versatility and cash in artistic freedom to come up with the perfect wedding program that will represent their personalities, preferred ambiance, and aesthetics. 

If you’re at a loss on how to organize your very own vintage wedding, you’ve come to the right site. In this article, we gathered six easy and helpful wedding tips that you can use as a guide to starting your planning journey. Read on and get inspired! 

Vintage Wedding Planning Tip 1: Choose a specific period in time


As mentioned above, vintage weddings are not just about one specific moment in history. The theme covers several periods in time, each with its distinct brand of fashion, music, and visuals. There’s the roaring ‘20s with its signature flapper fashion and iconic art deco, the ‘40s with its utilitarian chic trademark, the ‘50s with its iconic pop culture, the ‘60s with its rebellious rock ‘n roll atmosphere, the ‘70s with its flower power movement, and the ‘80s with its neon and glam rock character.  

Whichever era you’ll pick, make sure that it’ll embody your and your partner’s personalities and inclinations. It should be something that you’ll have fun organizing and will let you get the most creative.  

Vintage Wedding Planning Tip 2: Pick a palette 


Once you have chosen a vintage period to inspire your wedding, the next step is to choose a color palette. These colors will be the basis of your decor and overall visual presentation. A 1920s-inspired vintage wedding is all about shades of champagne, dark green, grey, and gold. Think of the movie The Great Gatsby. If you want a free-spirited and laidback affair like those in the ‘70s, bold and fun colors like yellows, oranges, and browns should do the trick. For a retro wave celebration based on the ‘80s, loud and neon colors like pinks, greens, and blues are the way to go.  

Vintage Wedding Planning Tip 3: Find a vintage wedding-worthy venue 


Your wedding venue should complement your theme that is why you should scout for a location that will embody the period you’re trying to recreate. A roaring ‘20s wedding is all about the good life and luxury so a ballroom bright with chandeliers or a mansion with a grand staircase would be an ideal setting. 

A ‘60s rock n’ roll wedding would ideally be held at a historic music call or a groovy hotel, a ‘70s-inspired nuptials would look best at an outdoor setting, and an ‘80s party calls for a unique location like a diner or even a skating rink. 

Vintage Wedding Planning Tip 4: Bring on the visuals 


Now that you have the perfect venue, it’s time to bring on the visuals! Vintage periods have their signature looks and feel. An ‘80s wedding is something lighter and more laidback, with neon signs, kitschy tablescapes, and off-the-wall décor. A ‘60s wedding is about daring patterns, mismatched looks, and pop art. Details like disco balls, carpets, and vinyl records would be great additions to the decorations for this specific wedding theme.  

Whichever theme you’ll be going for, it is recommended that you still add a touch of modernity to your visuals, more like a fresh take on these well-loved periods. Something that will catch your guests by surprise. 

Vintage Wedding Planning Tip 5: Flashback fashion 


It’s not a vintage wedding without complementing and gorgeous attires. Even within a period, there are plenty of fashion influences you can draw inspiration from. You can also wear actual vintage clothing (handed down from your family) or you can have a modern-made one look and feel like the old thing. Having said that, the wedding party should look the part, too.  

Your bridesmaids would look phenomenal in dark green bridesmaid dresses at a roaring ‘20s wedding. You girls would also look quirky and pretty in polka dot numbers if you’re having ’50s-inspired nuptials. If you’re all about the ‘70s, flowy floral frocks for your bridesmaids are the route to go.  

Aside from fashion and the dresses, the hair, shoes, makeup, and accessories should also ideally complement the whole theme. 

Vintage Wedding Planning Tip 6: Match the theme with music 

A vintage wedding is not complete without accompanying music and entertainment. This will set the mood for the whole affair as if transporting you and your guests to the bygone years. You can create a playlist from your favorite era and have it played throughout the wedding. You can also hire a live musician to play the songs for you.  

Happy planning!

José Amorim
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