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Camping has always been a much-loved activity for people who love the outdoors. However, if you want to spend the night underneath the stars, you can do it in comfort and style. Glamping elevates the experience of camping and prioritizes comfort and luxury. It has become quite popular because people can connect with nature without roughing it out.

Whether you are sleeping in a tent or an elevated campsite, this guide will ensure that your entire glamping experience is enhanced and that you reconnect with the outdoors in comfort. 

What Exactly Is Glamping?

Glamping comes from combining the words glamour and camping. This glamorous camping lifestyle is quite popular as people still get to experience comfort as they explore nature as opposed to camping out in discomfort. Glampers can still get access to running hot water, comfortable beds and other utilities that ensure you enjoy the full luxury of the outdoors. 

To elevate your glamping experience, include these items and activities in your next glamping trip. 

1. Create A Mood With Some Lights, Music And Scents

If your accommodations don’t have access to electricity, you can bring an easy portable power station, solar-powered lanterns or battery-powered light options that can help you move around in the dark.  If you’re going away for a long trip, one way to boost your glamping trip is to create a cozy atmosphere in your accommodation. 

Lights have a wonderful way of changing or creating a mood. If you are going away with a romantic partner, set the romantic mood with some soft lights and a romantic playlist. Put up some string lights and ignite some fragrance candles.

2. Consider Your Sleeping Accomodations

If you’re planning a glamping trip, one important factor to consider is sleeping accommodations. Some holiday destination hospitality businesses can offer comfortable glamping accommodations on their property. While others can allow you to bring or rent alternative housing options, like tents, deluxe cabins, mobile homes or yurts. It would be best to consider how you want to experience your glamping trip before deciding on your sleeping arrangements. 

If you want to sleep in a tent, ask about the bed or sleeping bag situation and decide which option suits your preference. Suppose you were hiking or travelling to different campsites during your trip; getting an inflatable air mattress would be a great idea. They are a little heavy to carry but guarantee a good night’s sleep regardless of where you sleep. 

3. Pack All Your Favorite Essentials

Bringing all your favorite essentials on the trip is one way to ensure that you enjoy nature in style while glamping. Bring along your favorite lotions, music, perfumes, essential oils and candles. Whatever you need to make your glamping trip more comfortable. However, if you are hiking during your trip, pack only your most essential items, so you’re not walking around with a super heavy bag. 

On the other hand, if you stay in one luxury glamping accommodation for your trip, bring everything that makes you feel relaxed and pampered. Do you have a favorite pillow that helps you sleep well? Then by all means bring it with you and enjoy your time away with nature. 


4. Enjoy Delicious Meals

Traditional camping often involves cooking and eating food cooked over an open fire or campsite. This can still result in many delicious meals, but when it comes to glamping, your accommodations may have all the cooking essentials needed, like ovens, grills and stoves, to cook delicious meals. Some glamping accommodations also give you access to gourmet meal plans that can be delivered to your accommodation so you can eat delicious foods in style. 

If your accommodation does offer meal plans, remember to inform them about your dietary requirements so that you can enjoy your meals with no health repercussions.

5. Bring Some Entertainment

One reason to go away on a trip is to completely let your hair down and have fun with loved ones. Bring some extra entertainment for your glamping trip, whether it’s board games, card games, or karaoke. If your accommodation has electricity access, you can bring along some of your favorite movies for the trip. This way, you’ll be pampered up for your glamping trip and not experience any boredom. 

In addition, you can also inquire about what entertainment programs the accommodation provides. This can vary from talent shows or mixers where you can get to meet other glampers and socialize.


By following this guide, you can guarantee that your glamping experience will be elevated. You’ll be eating delicious meals, pampering yourself with all your favorite essentials and setting the mood with some sultry lighting. Take your time to decide what sleeping accommodations work well for you to enjoy your glamping trip and elevate the entire experience. 

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