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We live in a society that always has us on the go. Work, family, and a social life are a lot to juggle at any given time, so when you throw a move into the mix, it can be a little overwhelming. After all, finding time to pack your entire life into cardboard boxes is anything but easy—and it certainly isn’t luxurious.  However, with more people prioritizing self-care these days, moving services that make switching homes into a luxury experience are catching wind. 

With luxury moving, also known as white glove moving, people are discovering that moves don’t have to be stressful. In fact, with this type of service, they can be stress-free, quick, and efficient. Here is why people are falling head-over-heels for this luxurious moving style. 

Priority Care

Every move’s needs are unique, so why treat them all the same? With white glove moving, you get a moving plan tailored to your home’s individual needs. On top of choosing if you want to take part in packing, unpacking, or setup personally, your experience will be upgraded with premium services only available through this luxury package.


For example, a move manager often gets assigned to this type of move. Their job is to keep the client updated on their move status, alert them of any changes promptly, and to answer questions quickly—AKA with luxury moving, you never have to wait in a customer service phone queue. A carpenter may also get contracted to create custom crates to ensure prized possessions and fragile items don’t get damaged. These crates are commonly used to protect artwork, collectibles, recreational vehicles, and high-end materials such as marble. 

More Time, Less Stress

More time and less stress are always a winning combo in our books—and white glove moving is a great way to gift yourself this luxury. Having professionals handle the majority of your moving checklist leaves you with more time to do the things you love. Whether that means spending time with the family, pursuing a luxurious hobby, or even binging Netflix, without moving tasks eating up your spare time, the sky is the limit.

Premium Protection 

This luxury service is a step up from a regular moving service when it comes to safety and caution. This is why people that are worried about the integrity of their possessions turn to white glove moving. With white glove moving, a home’s contents will not only be thoughtfully packaged and handled by professionals, but additional steps are also taken to enhance protection. For example, a special truck with padded walls may be used to transport belongings. Also, movers with this service will treat each possession like their own, handling them with the utmost respect and care.

However, it is important to note premium protection doesn’t only apply to belongings, but property as well. Both the old and new home will get the red carpet treatment with runners rolled out throughout to protect the floors from both damage and dirt. 


No Task is Too Big

If you have a grand piano that needs to make it to the second floor of your new home, this moving service will make it look like a breeze. They have the right experience and equipment to get the piano to its destination in a safe and efficient manner—even if that means hauling it through an upper balcony. 

White glove movers have specific training and experience handling not just the most fragile items, but also bulky and awkward items as well. Plus, more movers are usually assigned to these moves to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Move-In Ready

Did you know that with a white glove moving service you can start settling into your new home in an average of two days? This means that everything gets packed in your old house, moved, then thoughtfully unpacked in the new home within that timeframe—without you having to do anything. 

Part of the luxury of this service is that they will unpack your boxes then dispose of any garbage and cardboard when they are finished. They may also handle tasks like mounting televisions, hanging artwork, and arranging furniture. Some moving places even contract an interior designer to guide the unpackers to ensure the new home is functional and looks great from the get-go. 

With so many benefits, it is no wonder that more people than ever are discovering that white glove moving is worth its weight in gold. Whether you are moving a few blocks down to a trendy city center apartment or have decided to move across the country, this luxury moving service should be a consideration. After all, it not only nixes moving stress, but it ensures your move is in the best hands possible—hands that make your move stress-free, quick, and efficient.

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