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In such an exciting, fast-paced world where flexible and remote-working is all the rave, the environment we work in matters more than ever; as some businesses focus on downsizing and altering their commercial footprint, many companies are investing in luxurious offices that inspire and motivate their employees. Let’s take a look at some of the most luxurious offices from different parts of the world.

1. Apple Park, Cupertino, USA

Photo by Carles Rabada – Unsplash

Apple’s headquarters, designed by Sir Norman Foster, is nothing short of an architectural marvel. This 175-acre campus offers everything from a 100,000-square-foot fitness center to vast, glorious landscapes designed by experts; with its unique circular design and extensive glass facade, Apple Park certainly offers up an inspiring work environment that is jam-packed with smart building system technologies.

2. Google’s European Headquarters, Dublin, Ireland

Known for its unique, playful interiors, any Google hub is worthy of making the list. Google’s European Headquarters in Dublin, for example, boasts an indoor swimming pool, game rooms, and a rooftop garden. Each floor also represents a different Dublin theme, offering a vibrant and creative atmosphere.

3. Facebook, Menlo Park, USA

Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, designed by Frank Gehry, is an impressive, sprawling space with a huge 9-acre rooftop garden. With eateries offering free meals, an on-site barber, a variety of art installations, and so much more, Facebook headquarters is packed with luxurious features to foster creativity and collaboration.

4. Bahnhof, Stockholm, Sweden

Bahnhof’s office in Stockholm is uniquely located in a former nuclear bunker, but suffice to say if’s far more luxurious these days. This James Bond villain-style lair includes waterfalls, a greenhouse-style lounge, and server rooms visible through glass walls, offering a truly unique, stylish work environment full of charm.

5. Hearst Tower, New York, USA

Hearst Tower is another luxurious workspace, featuring a beautiful three-story waterfall in the atrium and a fitness center to rival any exclusive club; the use of marble, glass, and steel in the design elevates it from a functional space to a stunning piece of art.

6. The Shard, London, UK

Photo by Fred Moon – Unsplash

Offices in The Shard offer unparalleled luxury, with its occupants blessed with access to London’s highest champagne bar and several top-quality restaurants; as if that’s not enough, the panoramic views of London from the office spaces are nothing short of breathtaking.

7. Airbnb, San Francisco, USA

Airbnb’s headquarters offers up a captivating, innovative workspace, with rooms designed to mimic various Airbnb listings around the world; employees can find themselves working in a poetic Parisian apartment one day and a cozy cabin in the woods the next!

8. Bloomberg, London, UK

Photo by Igor Wang – Unsplash

Bloomberg’s London office, designed by Foster + Partners, is the epitome of sustainability and innovation. The building features an awe-inspiring triple Helix spiral helical staircase that connects all floors, and a petal-leaf ceiling that helps conserve energy; innovation, sustainability all wrapped up in an elegant, modern design with a rooftop atrium to boot.

9. Selgas Cano Architecture Office, Madrid, Spain

This Spanish architecture firm’s office is a fascinating design, built partially underground with one side made entirely of glass, and overlooking a beautiful forest; Selgas Cano’s office provides employees with an unparalleled connection with nature while working.

10. Oval Office, Edelman, London, UK

Edelman’s London office boasts an amazing oval-shaped room suspended from the ceiling; a futuristic conference room that more than showcases the firm’s commitment to cutting-edge design.

11. Nike, Beaverton, USA

Nike’s World Headquarters is (unsurprisingly) a sports-inspired environment that features an indoor running track, soccer fields, and top-tier fitness centers; world-class facilities reflecting the brand’s passion for excellence and athleticism.

12. Red Bull, London, UK

What would be the point of a Red Bull office if it didn’t give you wings? Red Bull’s London office is all about fostering a fun, social culture, equipped with a slide, ping pong tables, and meeting rooms that resemble vintage cars! Such quirky elements really reflect the brand’s energetic and adventurous image to a tee.

13. Goldman Sachs, New York, USA

Goldman Sachs’ headquarters in Manhattan have spared no expense. With luxuries like a Sky Lobby for employees to gather, stunning, specially curated artwork, and a fitness center with a killer skyline view, Goldman Sachs headquarters embodies financial prestige, and the rotating art exhibitions helps keep the environment stimulating.

Final Thoughts

The luxurious offices highlighted above demonstrate how far we’ve come from traditional office spaces. These buildings are not just about work; they are spaces designed to foster innovation, creativity, and well-being; luxury is no longer just about marble and pizazz – they reflect the importance of a fun, energetic culture, modern corporate values, brand identity, and the ever-evolving nature of the modern workplace.

José Amorim
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