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In a previous revelation, we brought the exciting news of the first-ever collaboration between the iconic luxury brand CHANEL and the exceptional Hollywood talent Timothée Chalamet for BLEU DE CHANEL. It was an announcement that sparked anticipation among fans and followers alike, setting the stage for what promises to be a momentous partnership in the world of high-end fashion and fragrances. Today, we are delighted to bring you a step closer to this ground-breaking fusion of style and celebrity. On June 1st, the long-awaited advertising campaign for BLEU DE CHANEL, expertly lensed by the renowned fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti, will be unveiled to the world. As a sneak preview, we are honoured to present you with the first tantalizing images from this extraordinary campaign. The thrilling visual blend of CHANEL’s timeless elegance, Chalamet’s youthful charm, and Sorrenti’s unparalleled visual storytelling is a testament to the grandeur that awaits us. Stay tuned, as the excitement intensifies and we count down to the grand reveal of this stellar advertising campaign.

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The highly anticipated upcoming campaign will debut Timothée Chalamet as the ambassador of BLEU DE CHANEL, revealing the renowned scent in a new invigorating light. The synchronized alliance signifies a powerful confluence between CHANEL, the cultural reference point in fragrance worldwide with unique know-how, and a magnetic icon-in-the-making at the top of his game.

Captured by the lens of acclaimed photographer Mario Sorrenti, Chalamet seamlessly embodies the alchemy of the multifaceted BLEU DE CHANEL man, with all his vibrant and quiet idiosyncrasies. Driven by instinct, he is determined to live beyond his given parameters. Fully aware of the big picture, he is still enraptured by the little nuances often ignored. He fearlessly leans into circumstance while harnessing his strengths and embracing his weaknesses. He is rife with contradictions: strong and vulnerable, edgy and sophisticated. He is on a boundless quest for the freedom to be, become, and better himself—in all his rich, complex habits and personality traits, style, and intellect.

Engaging Mario Sorrenti, an illustrious name in fashion photography, further accentuates the brilliance of the BLEU DE CHANEL campaign. Sorrenti’s visual aesthetic, known for its raw sensuality and evocative storytelling, aligns seamlessly with the allure of BLEU DE CHANEL. His work is often characterized by its intensity and depth, a resonance that perfectly mirrors the fragrance’s multi-dimensional profile. Sorrenti’s profound understanding of light, shadow, and texture brings to life the perfume’s nuanced essence, visually articulating the transformative power of scent. His images are not just photos – they’re immersive experiences akin to the scent of BLEU DE CHANEL itself. As such, Sorrenti’s involvement ensures that the advertising visuals for BLEU DE CHANEL are beautiful and genuinely encapsulate the perfume’s seductive and captivating spirit.

A series of mini interviews were released in which we can see Timothée Chalamet talking about important things for him, some are quite personal, and others shall place a smile on your face. We can see the facetted personality of such a talented actor and why he was the perfect choice to embody BLEU DE CHANEL.

France vs USA

What If You Were…

Shadow & Light

Since its inception, BLEU DE CHANEL has resisted fleeting whims and staid tradition while breaking the industry codes of men’s fragrance. Reminiscent of CHANEL N°5, which disrupted the world in 1921, BLEU DE CHANEL set an influential standard for its forward-thinking, outspoken take on what a modern men’s scent could be.

Later in the fall, we shall discover the film directed by awarded famous director Martin Scorsese that has already participated in the BLEU DE CHANEL adventure. Renowned for his cinematic brilliance, Martin Scorsese’s choice as the director for the BLEU DE CHANEL advert campaign is a masterstroke by CHANEL. Scorsese’s ability to encapsulate intricate narratives into compelling visuals is exemplary. He impeccably portrayed the BLEU DE CHANEL spirit – a symphony of freedom, boldness, and sophistication. Much like Scorsese’s filmography, BLEU DE CHANEL is multi-layered; it unravels new facets as it develops, paralleling the unpredictable turns of a Scorsese masterpiece. Moreover, Scorsese’s reputation draws attention, sparking intrigue before the first scene rolls. His signature storytelling marries the cinematic and olfactory spheres, creating an experience that allows the audience to almost smell the mystique, intensity, and allure of BLEU DE CHANEL. This unique fusion by Scorsese thus reinforces the brand’s luxurious appeal, making his appointment an inspired choice.

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