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Discover Carla Amorim, one of the most talented brazilian jewellers of her generation. Her major inspiration? Brazil of course.

Carla Amorim Jewels

Brazil is considered as one of the most rich countries in the world in terms of cultural influences. From the colonial times of Portugal, towards african, italian, spanish, french and american influences, Brazil is a true melting pot. Add on top of this one of the most luxurious nature you can find and the result is purely brilliant.

iguaçu brazil


Igreja catolica brasil

Between the several wonders of brazilian nature, towards her catholic faith up to the talented Oscar Niemeyer in Brasilia, Carla Amorim picks up the best and the unique. She highlights these inspirations with Diamonds, Pearls, gemstones and Gold 18 carat in various colours.

Bands, Rings, earrings, necklaces, Pendants and Bracelets are the different items of the artist collections.




Brazilian nature brings the forms and the colours, Niemeyer’s work with the geometric lines that structure and shapes perfection and the catholic influence for symbols and heritage.

Carla Amorim reviews many classics and proposes her contemporary vision of jewellery. At Luxuryactivist, here is our Editor’s choice,an amazing ring:

Gavea Ring Carla Amorim
It is called Gavea Ring. Pearl and 18 carats gold. We liked this different way to use pearls, traditionnaly on necklaces and bracelets… here on a ring.

This jewellery brand is becoming more and more popular as many stars do public appearance wearing it. People like Gwyneth Paltrow or like here below Eva Mendes.

You can find Carla Amorim’s collections in around 16 countries in selected point of sales. If you are traveling to Baselworld, the international show for Timepieces and Jewellery, you can also discover this amazing brand.

In the meantime, check the official website here and you might find the perfect piece missing in your collection. 



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