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We use to say that true luxury objects tend to gain value in time. A Rolex watch, one of the first Hermes Kelly bags, a Cartier Trinity ring will be representative of its time and become vintage. What also makes the value of these luxury vintage objects is the passion that collectors from all over the world will place on the quest of the perfect object. And despite the fact most of these people are not necessary organized in clubs or associations, especially and it comes to luxury objects, they are hundreds of people around the world. And because if this, we have good luxury news for you.

Going online is the only way

So in order to find the best offer and the rarest piece for your collection, most of collectors start with a simple task: search online! Google is very often the starting point of acquiring a new piece. You search the world and several platforms allow a safer exchange. From Ebay to Baïdu, everything was possible at any price. Of course when you are acquiring a very expensive piece, you always wonder if the piece is really in good state of conservation and that you are paying the correct price. Sometimes it is complicate as there is no referral., the true deal

This complex situation is ending thanks to websites proposing professional management of objects to sell. The highlight of this month, quoted at Vogue, is the website
If you love vintage luxury objects like timepieces, jewelry or iconic bags, this website is for you. 32 Watch brands, 41 It-bag brands, 17 Jewelers and some special events complete the website offer. More than 90 brands are present and each page is a discovery.



The highlights of the page

While browsing the website, we spotted out a few items that definitely would request your attention. Amazing findings only seen here. This is our wish-list moment, see below:

Watches: 1940 Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso

Some watches are iconic. One of them is the Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso. Collectorsquare presents a 1940’s Reverso Lady that seems to be a pure beauty. This mechanical yellow and white gold case watch displays a very unique black dial. On it, we can see the mention “Reverso”.

Jaeger Lecoultre reverso lady
This rarety, non engraved, is proposed at the price of 12’800€. The watch is in a very good state of conservation and has 6 month of warranty. It was recently reviewed.
Check here: 1940’s Reverso

Vintage bags: Hermès Kelly brown crocodile

To buy a Hermès Kelly bag, you will have a little 14 month to wait for it. Or you can try to find a vintage one. Here you will discover a magnificent 25cm Kelly in brown crocodile.

Hermes Kelly Bag
By acquiring a Kelly bag, you write your own style into the books of French elegance and heritage. This exquisite piece is presented at the price of 13’590€.
Check here: Hermes Kelly bag

Jewelry: Cartier Trinity, Diamonds are girl’s best friend

Since 1924, Cartier has developed its Trinity line. By associating 3 different metals in 3 different rings laced together, it has created an original design in the art of Jewelry. present here an exceptional piece at an exceptional price. Discover this beautiful Trinity ring made from 3 different golds: Yellow, Pink and White.

Cartier Trinity ring
As you can see the white gold ring is fully covered by an outstanding pavement work with Diamonds. Inside the ring there is the word Cartier and a serial number engraved. The proposed price is 4’890€ whereas the price for a new one is over 10’000€. The ring itself is in a perfect state of conservation. You better go fast
On this one as it might not last for ever in the website.
Check here: Cartier Trinity ring

Lux-Price Index, luxury at the right price

When you try to sell your vintage luxury item, you always wonder how much is worth it. Most of the serious houses will have an in-house expert who is supposed to evaluate the price of the object you wish to sell. Several criteria will be taken in consideration like the initial price or the current price for a new one, the conservation state, the material (Gold or Diamonds…), etc… Things can be very subjective when you need to value an object, especially if it is a very old one.
At Collectorsquare, they do have specialists per domain of activity that will evaluate your precious item. Each expert has enough experience and also the professional contacts with other experts in case of doubt. What is really outstanding is that they created what they call the Lux-Price Index. It is a huge database of more than 250’000 objects sold in auctions in the past 10 years. You can even follow the average price per year in a chart of a specific item. This might give you an idea of how good your investment is. Here is an example:

Price of luxury
This shows how professionals they are and how far do they master their job. This website is very high-quality, most of pieces have a warranty, were reviewed (watches) and jewelry have origin certificates. It is all here:

Sometimes luxury is priceless, but this time you would pay the right price for it.

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