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When Michel Perry, Artistic Director of J.M. Weston, creates a new collection, he will always find a way to surprise us. Like a painter or sculptor, he will model, sharpen, curve, concentrate, blend and color J.M. Weston heritage to present it in a new light. Discover COUNTRY GENTS, the new leather shoes and accessories by J.M. Weston.

Countryside is the inspiration

J.M. Weston got inspired by the contrasted richness of nature. According to Michel Perry, Artistic Director of the French luxury House, Countryside is no longer a departure from elegance and style. It is an art of living. Nature itself represents an amazing creative magma of textures, colors and shapes from which the creative mind of J.M. Weston can tell a great story of shoe-making.
By revising the countryside landscape, the French Manufacturer paints a portrait of a raw nature that blends mineral and vegetal together in a perfect harmony. Here is what J.M. Weston says about this new collection: “On a winter’s morning, the spongy moss and the crunch of fallen leaves beneath the confident steps of gentlemen populate forest scenes from Fontainebleau to the Highlands. Shades of green, brown and orange blend with a rocky, unruly grey as nature comes to the fore.
This raw, untamed landscape and stomping ground for devotees of country sports provided Michel Perry with much inspiration to tell the COUNTRY GENTS story.”


JM Weston Country Gents 2


JM Weston Country Gents

A contemporary collection between urbanity and outdoors

How to describe this new collection? All great classics were re-written by the edgy style of Michel Perry in order to fit the story. The result is styles that could be worn everywhere, for any occasion. One look at the derby, oxford shoe or ankle boots, and they carry us. work meetings, a Sunday in the country, a drink on the terrace, a weekend in a European capital, wine tasting… no matter where you are, the sense of distinction and aptness remains. Wear them everywhere and anywhere for contemporary elegance with ease.

JM Weston Country Gents collection

JM Weston Country Gents collections

JM Weston Country Gents collection mood dog

Every single pair of shoes will fit you like a glove because for Michel Perry believes that style should fit the man and not the contrary. That a man needs to be elegant and comfortable in each occasion of his life in order to be ready… for every daily adventure. In the new collection you will find everything you need, every companion for your modern life.

JM Weston Country Gents collection black

JM Weston Country Gents collection brown

The collection campaign was shot by Billy Kidd, a Panama city born Fashion photographer, raised in the US. His talent consists in capturing the essentiality of people, of a special moment. He works is photography scenery as an impressionist painter, trying to translate the preciosity and delicacy of a moment into image. He works for high-end Fashion houses and is also known for portraits like the ones of Pharrell Williams. Here, Billy Kidd successfully translated the creative universe of J.M. Weston into a sharp imagery.
JM Weston Country Gents collection mood

JM Weston Country Gents collection mood portrait

You will be surprised by the richness of this collection. Organic and architectural shapes will draw the silhouette while the intense deepness of colors will warm-up your mood. Here are some pictures of this amazing collection that will literally seduce you.
JM Weston Country Gents collection board

JM Weston Country Gents collection board 2

JM Weston Country Gents collection board 3

JM Weston Country Gents collection board 4

JM Weston Country Gents collection board 5


You can visit the brand official website in order to discover more about the amazing world of J.M. Weston:
Since 1891, J.M. Weston surprise us with the richness of its creative world. COUNTRY GENTS is a contemporary poem to masculine elegance. From technical details to ultimate elegance, the new shoe collection will definitely be a hit for the French luxury house.



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