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It has been only a few weeks that the new French President, Emmanuel Macron, was elected. His movement is called “En Marche” which means in French “On the Move”. Mr Macron seems very dynamic and he wishes to bring back a certain dynamics to France. If Emmanuel Macron is stepping into the President’s shoes, he is literally following the longtime tradition of French Presidents to wear JM Weston.

JM Weston, a long tradition of Presidents.

When JM Weston was founded at the end of the 19th Century, everything was already gathered to propose the ultimate elegance for men. Their philosophy is to proudly claim the “Made in France” and the perfect “Excellence at work”. The beginning of the 20th century was also an important time that set a lot of principles in masculine elegance. The development of elegant sports and also the development of worldwide business men, set the legend of JM Weston. The French luxury brand is probably part of a few luxury brands still producing their product in France. The made in France is the perfect angle to make this brand to produce the best shoes to fit Republic President feet. It is worth mentioning that JM Weston does not offer for free their shoes. Each President has been buying their own pairs with their own money. It is not a sponsoring activity, it is just great men buying great meaningful products.

From Valery Giscard D’Estaing, to François Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and now Emmanuel Macron, they all wear JM Weston shoes. Caroline Cox, in her book “Le Luxe en Héritage” explains how François Mitterrand had more than 30 pairs of JM Weston. From the iconic Loafer 180, to Richelieu and Derby.



Tradition never fails. Last weekend, when François Hollande welcomed Emmanuel Macron for the official hand-over, both Presidents were in the right shoes, all JM Weston.

Emmanuel Macron JM Weston shoes: Flore 402

Emmanuel Macron was elected President of France. He is the first Millennial to become President and he is only 39 years old. While his wife Brigitte is a big fan of Louis Vuitton (look to her beautiful collection of coats), Emmanuel Macron got into the right shoes from day one. The below image is for sure one of the iconic images taken from his official empowerment and we can see how confident he is by wearing JM Weston Flore 402.


Emmanuel Macron Shoes is one of the Flore Collection. The One cut oxford shoe in Black box calf. This pure, elegant, timeless model features a single-piece tapered leather construction and an understated design. The interest of this shoes is that it is crafted from a single piece of smooth, soft, unblemished leather. The JM Weston Oxford shoes are truly a symbol of elegance, tradition and modernity at the same time. Completely made by hand at JM Weston’s factory in France (Limoges), this pair of shoes will last for years. The shoes are sold in a deep, classic black and has been hand polished.


The fact that these shoes were made from a single piece of leather, make them very confortable (not many seams). They are the perfect pair of shoes for any active man, no matter if you are a President, a business man or simply an elegant gentleman. You can read more about these shoes and about JM Weston by visiting the official website here:

Emmanuel Macron is on the move and if all would depends on his shoes, he would go very, very, far.

José Amorim

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