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Just like fashion, jewelry sees its own trends that change from season to season. If you’re looking to stay on-trend when it comes time to picking a stunning piece of jewelry, then you need to pick up the very latest in diamond rings – the rose gold diamond ring. This ring is popping up all over the place; from celebrities, to runways, to bridal shows it seems that rose gold has become the new black in jewelry. And what’s especially exciting is that it is popular amongst all age groups, making it a universal trend. So exactly how did rose gold become the new “must-have” in world of jewelry? Well let’s take a closer look.


Rose Gold is not “New”

Now here’s something that many find really surprising – as we are all running around heralding rose gold as the newest trend, the fact of the matter is that it’s not new at all! In fact, rose gold has been around since about the 19th century where it first popped up in Russia as common option. Skip ahead to the 1920s where it made a real impact thanks to Cartier, who used it in a popular ring at the time. It then became synonymous with romance, so suddenly it was showing up everywhere during the mid-Victorian times. Over time it began to drop off the radar so to speak, and suddenly by the 1980s and 90s white and yellow gold were just about the only colors you saw. Rose gold was something you’d only see in a vintage shop until lately.

Pairing it with Other Golds

Rose gold is incredibly versatile, as today’s jewelers are re-discovering. Sure you can go ahead and purchase a rose gold diamond ring, but you’ll find that it’s quite common to use other colored golds in the ring. The trio of rose, white, and yellow gold are gorgeous and luxurious together, so many of these settings are combining all three. Of course rose gold works well with diamonds, but it works with popular gemstones as well. Include a morganite or opal with the diamond and suddenly you have a setting that is unique and timeless, never mind the fact it’s right on trend. It’s still seen as a color of “romance”, but it’s got a casual look about it as well. It works just as well with your formal gown as it does with jeans and a white shirt, or your work clothes. It goes back to the whole versatility of the color.

Don’t Just Stop with a Ring

Why not highlight your ring with a lovely set of rose gold earrings, chain, and/or pendant? When it comes to your clothing, rose gold works lovely with red, black, white, blue, green, peach, and many other colors. You won’t have any problem finding jewelry in rose gold nowadays, and don’t expect that to change any time soon. It appears that rose gold was just waiting in wings to be rediscovered once again and make its mark on the world of fine jewelry.

Daniel Clark

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