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Jelmoli is a luxury Department store in Zurich, Switzerland and probably one of the oldest in the world. Their Claim: The house of Brands.

During the Sisley event last week for the launch of their new flagship counter at Jelmoli, I was happy to get back one more time to this nice Department store. In Switzerland is by far the most upscaled Big Department store. Manor, Globus and Bon Genie are far behind.


The Store itself is a true piece of Swiss history. The original store was founded in 1833 by Johann Peter Jelmoli Ciolina. At that time it was a fashion shop placed in the Schipfe, Zurich’s oldest continually inhabited district, on the Limmat River. Jelmoli was really a pioneer in terms of store because if we compare with other world famous Department stores (in terms of foundation dates):

  • Le Bon Marche: 1838
  • Harrod’s: 1849
  • Bloomingdale’s: 1860
  • Printemps: 1865
  • Les Galeries Lafayette: 1895
  • Sak’s 5th Avenue: 1924

Only Takashimaya Tokyo was founded in an earlier time (1829).

Jelmoli got a tremendous success almost since the beginning thanks to a very modern and avant-garde concept of “fixed-prices”. In deed, while in all stores in Switzerland, prices were not displayed, which means variable; Jelmoli played the transparent card by displaying fixed prices. But then: “no more bargain!


With its immediate success, the company started growing very fast and soon the project of building a beautiful bigger store in the centre of Zurich became a true project.


The new building was completed in 1898 and it was built as a Glass Palace. Installed in the famous and prestigious address of Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, it was and still is a reference in luxury and lifestyle.


Several years after, we can say that Jelmoli is one of the most modern, high-class Department stores in Europe. With its 8 floors, it gathers a collection of more than 2 million articles and covers more than 1,000 brands.


Something that not many people know is that Jelmoli has a catalog by mail sales since 1897. Today, they have a modern version of the famous catalog, a dedicated e-shop called

In the store itself, they have some interesting services as a personal shopping advisor team. Ms Rowena Downing welcome you (with appointment) in a special lounge dedicated to your personal choices.

Jelmoli lounge

Need a personal advice? You can get all the information here:
Jelmoli Personal Shopping Service.

Another last interesting thing about Jelmoli is that they have a blog called Spotted. It is a great source of what is hot right now or in the incoming weeks. Hot Brands, hit products are all there. Just take a tour and get informed about the must haves of the moment. Just click on the image below and get access to the blog.

Spotted by Jelmoli

If you want to learn more about this amazing place, please visit the official website:

If you are in Zurich or just visiting the city, do not hesitate to pass by and have a glamorous shopping experience.


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