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born this way lady gagacheck here the new Lady Gaga video for her new single: Born this way. We can say this lady knows how to rock the house and she is not copying anyone or following any trend. She is a Trend. The video clip ambiance is a very strange one. I would say, a sophisticated blend between 3 movies: Ghostbusters, Alien and Stargate. It gives a neo-mythological-biblical vision of the world where Right and Wrong live together inside each person. The message is that basically: Be yourself. And this is the single and exclusive message Lady Gaga is giving to her fans since the beginning. This explains the all “Monsters” thing.

Please note that in the Video Clip, we can see the appearence of Rick Genest. He is a young man-model known as the Zombie boy. In deed his body is completely covered with skeleton tatoos. He also appeared at Thierry Mugler Men’s fashion show as the main Model. Check my previous article about it. No surprise to see common things between Lady Gaga and Thierry Mugler as the fashion brand not only sponsors Lady Gaga but it also hired her fashion designer to be responsible for the Men’s line.
Now see the video here: