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It is official, the luxury french department store Le Printemps revealed his Christmas theme. This year, Chanel will thrill you during the Holiday season in France. The inauguration of the Christmas windows is always a great event as it kicks-of the beginning of one of the busiest commercial periods of the year.

Le Printemps in Paris has evolved towards one of the top levels in terms of Luxury and lifestyle in Europe. Sak’s Fifth Avenue in NY and Takashimaya in Tokyo have now a real competitor in the world.

This year, they really placed the level of Christmas very high. They have a global partnership with Chanel for an amazing christmas theme. Not only the luxury french brand has the “commercial windows” but Karl Lagerfeld designed the famous animated windows that thousands of Children and families visit in the animated Haussmann boulevard in winter.

For the PR event, Mr Lagerfeld was there, naturlich, but the biggest surprise is Vanessa Paradis. The french artist is very rare and we hardly see her on such public events. She was beautiful as always and Karl L was as usual, Iconic.

According to Cedric Dauch, Communication manager at Le Printemps, the goal is to position Le Printemps as one of the main high luxury Department stores in Europe. “The partnership with Chanel for this Christmas season is the exciting result of a natural artistic collaboration“.

We can see that Le Printemps is changing the face of Distribution in France. A department store is not anymore a “store”, it is a lifestyle environment in which the customer experience a real luxury and glamorous buying experience. October 2006, PPR sells Le Printemps to the rich italian business man Maurizio Borletti and the Deutsch bank. He is the president of the Rinascente Department stores. At the head of Le Printemps, Mr Borletti places Paolo de Cesare as CEO. According to Mr. de Cesare, his role is to place Le Printemps as THE destination for luxury customers.

Concerning the Communication visuals, all key images were shot by Karl Lagerfeld at his parisian personal photo studio.

The luxury department store also shot a campaign in parallel about the luxury catalog introduced for Christmas and to support this campaign, they created a film.

Merry Chanel christmas and a happy Karl new year then!


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