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Embarking on the world of fragrances is akin to setting off on a fantastic journey of emotions and personal feelings. It is an exploration where scents serve as powerful witnesses to memories, unlocking one of the most intense forms of nostalgia. They can transport us back to cherished places or reconnect us with people from our past, evoking a vivid tapestry of emotions with each note. This profound connection between fragrance and memory underscores the enchantment inherent in perfumery.

CHANEL is a beacon of luxury and innovation within this olfactory storytelling realm. Its Les Exclusifs de CHANEL collection is an exceptional olfactory line showcasing perfumery’s height. Composed of noble and frequently tailor-made materials, each fragrance within this line serves as a mosaic of Gabrielle Chanel’s essence. They reveal the facets of her character, recount her life’s pages, sketch her iconic designs, or illuminate the symbols that guided her journey. These fragrances do more than capture the essence of the woman and the designer; they weave the narrative of the House itself, embodying a distinct style and temporal elegance that transcends trends. Unbound by age, gender, or the whims of creative cycles, these creations adhere solely to the instinct of CHANEL’s In-House perfumer creator, Olivier Polge, who asserts, “Fragrance at CHANEL is a state of mind. The expression of a style, an idea that goes beyond the aesthetics of a raw material.”


Amidst this storied collection, there emerges a new fragrance, COMÈTE. Part mystery and elegance, part perfection and daring, LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL welcome their 19th olfactory vision: COMÈTE. This addition continues the collection’s legacy, inviting wearers on a journey through the scents themselves and the stories and ethos they represent.

It all started with the vision of Gabrielle Chanel.


Mademoiselle Chanel knew how to recognize a powerful and mysterious aesthetic power in certain forms. The Star and Comet were always her preferred sources of inspiration, enhancing women’s beauty with their celestial dust. Gabrielle Chanel chose the Comet and Star as essential themes of her first high jewellery collection, presented in Paris in 1932, for their incomparable sparkle. She naturally designed jewellery in its shape, such as the Comète necklace, that threads around the neck, resting freely against the skin.

Gabrielle Chanel was convinced of the magical power of the comet, omnipresent in her universe, and made this star one of her symbols of eternal chance and the emblem of her unfailing optimism. Like a trace of light in the night, this singular comet now traces an olfactory trail in its image: rare and unforgettable.

At the beginning of each creation, you need an inspiring element, and for COMÈTE, the starting point was the idea of stardust. The comet is a strong symbol for CHANEL, and I’m thinking in particular of the Comète necklace from the 1932 high jewellery collection, which is worn open, laying right on the skin, and reminds me of the enveloping trail of a skin fragrance.

Olivier Polge – CHANEL in-house Perfumer Creator

COMÈTE: a stardust effect for a fragrance of optimism

Intensely floral and luminous, COMÈTE explores a new olfactory identity in the LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL collection. Rich and powdery, sophisticated and complex, it is a universe in itself.

Like this travelling star, the Eau de Parfum is suffused with a fresh and delicate cherry blossom accord. From the first seconds after spraying the new fragrance, I was hit by a very bright freshness as elegant as modern. The cherry blossom start provides a luminous, almost mouth-watering effect, modernizing the top notes of the olfactory structure. Not long after, the top notes leave the stage to a beautiful duo of heliotrope and iris. The olfactory structure is completed with a modern musk accord that envelops the skin with elusive magnetism and celebrates its singular character. It gives the fragrance a sheer soft energy, a deep floral scent that is not heavy but more like a warm aura surrounding you. This fragrance is unique and provides a new olfactory direction within the Les Exclusifs de CHANEL collection. 


COMÈTE is a fragrance trail of stardust and a celestial jewel that, in a reflection of Gabrielle Chanel, chooses its trajectory and never deviates from it. It is an aura of light, unfurling the power of optimism for those convinced that the planets will align with their lucky star.

Considered one of his generation’s most talented perfumers, Olivier Polge took over Jacques Polge as an in-house perfumer in 2015. Since then, his path has been underlined by unique creations that settled Olivier’s mastery as a true reference in the perfumery industry. So far, he has already climbed several Everests, with the successful launches of N°5 L’EAU in 2016, GABRIELLE CHANEL in 2017, LES EAUX DE CHANEL since 2018, BLEU DE CHANEL PARFUM and this year, COMÈTE – LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL – Discover here my notes about a Masterclass delivered by Olivier last time he was in Geneva. 

COMÈTE: a fragrance bottle slipped into an iconic case. 


More exclusive and precious than any other collection, LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL is embodied by a bottle of exemplary minimalism, focusing all attention on the fragrance. COMÈTE is housed in iconic streamlined glass with a timeless monogrammed black lid. Elevating simplicity to the rank of sophisticated luxury, its case is an elegant white jewellery-style coffret accentuated with black trim.

This subtle two-tone aesthetic is like a heritage seal, and for the launch of COMÈTE, it is accompanied by a unique limited-edition creation: an embossed representation of the legendary Comète necklace, created in 1932, sensually embraces the four sides of the case. In an ultimate nod to the shine of diamonds and stardust, the double C that tops the case is heightened with silver ink.

COMÈTE is a new star in the constellation of LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL. It is an olfactory gem symbolizing optimism, which celebrates the excellence and unique know-how of CHANEL Perfumer. Do not hesitate to visit the House’s official website for more information: 

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