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Most of the time, when Nespresso reveals a new “Georges Clooney ad” it is an event. But now, it is another kind of buzz.

The Swiss association Solidar Suisse launched a buzz campaign online in which they describe how Nespresso is not as fair trade as they should. They use the typical Georges Clooney ad in order to accuse and ask Nespresso to change their way to treat their coffee suppliers.

On the swiss website you can watch the video but also, apparently, send an email to Georges Clooney. According to statistics, the viral video was already watched more than 10,000 times and more than 1,000 emails were sent to Mr Clooney.
nespresso solidair suisse buzz
Check the website here:

When we have a look on the Nespresso Facebook fan page, we can see 86 comments on a post of the 30th August. The Brand posted a video about their AAA sustainable program in India.

People, mostly fans posted comments about the buzz video of For the moment the Brand did not answer about accusations on FB.

On Nespresso website, we can read more about the AAA program. Basically they offer 30 to 40% more revenue to the plantation owners than the standard market price. They also work with different NGO in the world, especially Rainforest Alliance.

Most of the questions people have is: is 40% more enough compared to the sale price of a Nespresso coffee when you compare to a standard coffee?

I believe Nespresso does more than any other coffee brand for preserving nature and the plantations. But we would need some clarifications from the brand in terms of rentability and benefits sharing. As Nespresso CEO, Pascal Hottinger, declared: Nespresso respects the producers, the customers and the share holders. Can a company respect all these people in a egality level?

Let’s hope the Brand will make a clear communication about it.
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