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This thursday, Le Printemps department store in Paris is revealing its new christmas windows in partnership with Prada. For the reveal, the parisian luxury department store invited Gwyneth Paltrow in person for the event. This will make a huge buzz and probably even national television coverage. To keep a coherent level of communication, they are also revealing a specific visual made exclusively for Le Printemps christmas’ activities: Press, advertising, CRM and Internet. To accomplish this new christmas visual, Le Printemps worked only with the best people at all levels. Check it out.


In a pure christmas tradition, completely revamped by the best people, we can see Eva Herzigova in the role of Mother Christmas, sexy and elegant. She leads a group of Santa Claus ready for … everything. By multiplying the symbols of christmas, Le Printemps presents a true generous and happy message for this holiday season. Christmas fairy tales are back for good. It’s been a while that we did not see Eva Herzigova in a big advertising campaign. She is a star above the stars and she makes her contracts choices in a very strict way. She only works with the best.


The campaign was imagined by Stephen Gan, the Creation director of V Agency. He is the famous founder of Visionaire magazine, Creation director of  Harper’s Bazaar. Despite of the campaign creation, Stephen Gan gathered a dream team for this special photo shoot.

The photographer is Mario Testino. We do not need to introduce him and his artistic work. He photographed Eva Herzigova a hundred times previously, so he knows her very well. Last year he directed a short movie for Vogue Spain called “Arrival” in which Eva Herzigova, among others, was present. It is a natural collaboration. In order to have a perfect result in terms of Style, Le Printemps asked Carine Roitfeld in person to take care of all details. Who else?

The top model Eva Herzigova had 3 mega artists around her. The result is sublime. Hair-dressing by Marc Lopez, THE hair-artist of all fashion weeks and fashion shows. Tom Pecheux was the make-up artist. He is behind Estee Lauder make up and also he is the make-up artist of many stars like Gisele Bundchen and many others. Final but not least, Jack Flanagan was the Set designer. He is used to work with Mario Testino as they collaborated together in many photo shoots for Burberry, Michael Kors or Chanel.

As the concept of Christmas by Prada is about a happy obsession (Joyeuse obsession), here are the words of Stephen Gan about the project:

The idea of this campaign is to exaggerate the festivity of the season by having the luxury of multiple Santa Clauses. Iconic supermodel Eva Herzigova serves as the prefect cast for the joyeuse collaboration between Printemps and Prada

Of course all done in a very elegant, sensitive and funny way. Children and Adults can dream about it and Eva Herzigova is the perfect match for a luxury house like Prada.

In order to create a true event, on the advertising, Eva Herzigova wears an exclusive red washed-out leather coat. The sleeves are embroidered with flowers and make the distinctive signature of the look. It was made exclusively for the campaign by Prada. It is Miuccia Prada‘s vision of Santa Claus.

Prada developed a series of Puppets dressed in the codes of the luxury brand. Each one is more cute than the other. Check them out:

Printemps-puppets-Prada-1 Printemps-puppets-Prada-2 Printemps-puppets-Prada-3 Printemps-puppets-Prada-4 Printemps-puppets-Prada-5 Printemps-puppets-Prada-6


Le Printemps also prepared a full presentation to the press to express this specific christmas ambiance.

Printemps-presentation-presse Printemps-presentation-presse-2

Check the department store website for more information about christmas at Le Printemps: We can see that this campaign reflects the aim of Le Printemps to be the ultimate reference of luxury in France.

Happy obsession for this christmas.


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