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In an era where the world is swamped with the audacious and extravagant, 2023 has seen the luxury industry take an unexpected turn. The opulence and excess that once defined the highest echelons of fashion and design are being replaced by a new, more understated movement. While the world grappled with change, a renaissance in luxury took place – one that has been quietly simmering, preparing to redefine the essence of extravagance. The term “quiet luxury” has slowly crept into our lexicon, subtly weaving its narrative into the heart of the luxury industry.

Multiple events and shifts in societal perspectives have set the backdrop for this emerging trend. For years, the industry thrived on the conspicuousness of wealth, often manifested through shiny logos and overt displays of opulence. But, like every pendulum that swings in one direction, a counter-movement was inevitable. A confluence of pop culture events, from the gripping drama of HBO’s “Succession” illustrating the understated elegance of the old-money elite to Gwyneth Paltrow’s riveting court appearance in minimalistic yet undoubtedly upscale attire, has catalyzed this shift. The impact of these events can’t be overstated, as they captured the world’s attention, subtly spotlighting the beauty of luxury without the need for overt displays.

Photo by Tamara Bellis

Moreover, as the digital age intensifies and information becomes instantly accessible, the genuinely elite seek distinction not in loud labels but in the quality and story behind their possessions. A world dominated by fast fashion and transient trends has made discerning consumers yearn for timelessness, sparking the dawn of a new era in luxury. As we delve deeper into the ethos of quiet luxury, it becomes evident that this isn’t just a passing phase but a reflection of a changing world where true luxury lies in nuance, authenticity, and the whispered tales of craftsmanship.

Chapter 1: Decoding Quiet Luxury

In the tapestry of luxury, while some threads shimmer ostentatiously, others weave in with muted elegance. This subtle strand, gaining prominence recently, is termed “quiet luxury.” But what exactly is this burgeoning concept challenging traditional notions of opulence?

At its core, quiet luxury embodies sophistication without showiness. It’s a deliberate choice for discretion over display, valuing substance over surface. Rooted in a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, quality, and longevity, quiet luxury prioritizes the intrinsic value of an item over its ability to broadcast wealth. It’s a return to authenticity, focusing on the story, the artistry, and the tactile experience of luxury.

Key Characteristics of Quiet Luxury:

  1. Subtlety Over Ostentation: Unlike traditional luxury that might announce itself with big logos or conspicuous designs, quiet luxury is distinguished by its understated appearance. However, a closer inspection reveals its value, often through impeccable craftsmanship or the use of rare materials.
  2. Timelessness: Items that resonate with quiet luxury are often designed to transcend fleeting trends. They lean towards classic designs and aesthetics that promise to remain relevant and elegant over the decades.
  3. Emphasis on Craftsmanship: The allure of quiet luxury lies in the mastery with which an item is created. It’s about celebrating artisans and their time-honoured skills, ensuring every piece tells a story of dedication and passion.
  4. Quality Over Quantity: In quiet luxury, less is more. Instead of amassing numerous items, the focus is on acquiring a few pieces of exceptional quality that can stand the test of time.
Photo by Tamara Bellis

But, as with any term, it’s equally important to clarify what quiet luxury is not. It’s not about being inexpensive or cutting corners. Nor is it about donning an appearance of luxury while compromising on quality. It’s not a facade but a deeply rooted philosophy. Items branded with large, recognizable logos designed for flaunting wealth often miss the essence of quiet luxury. Similarly, products that rely on brand name alone, without offering actual value or craftsmanship, fall outside this refined bracket.

Quiet luxury is a recalibration of values within the luxury sector. It’s a conscious move towards meaningful consumption, championing pieces that resonate with personal significance over those that merely symbolise wealth. As we journey deeper into this nuanced world, we’ll uncover how this trend, which champions the muted, is making the loudest statement in today’s luxury industry.

Chapter 2: The Pinnacle of Quiet Luxury: Top 5 Confidential Brands

The realm of quiet luxury isn’t confined to a fleeting trend; it’s an enduring ethos that celebrates craftsmanship, elegance, and minimalistic design. Spanning heritage designers and fresh-faced brands, here are five standout names that epitomize the essence of quiet luxury in the fashion sphere.

The Row

Founded by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in 2011, The Row has quickly become an emblem of quiet luxury. Distancing itself from the clichéd extravagance, The Row thrives on “sleek, sophisticated designs.” Their expertise elevates basics, from solid-coloured knitwear to immaculate wool trousers. They have masterfully turned seemingly ordinary items, such as khaki linen pants, into coveted pieces through meticulous detailing and pleating. The brand’s runway creations, from its experimentally draped dresses to its stunning coats, have captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide, making it a worthy investment for those searching for true luxury.


Objets Daso

New to the scene, Objets Daso’s launch couldn’t have been timelier. Co-founders Pratik Vyas and Catharine Whang have encapsulated the essence of quiet luxury through their handbag line. Drawing inspiration from iconic women in history, the brand’s geometric designs and sharp lines exude timeless elegance. What sets them apart is their signature Bauhaus-inspired lock, a product of countless sketches and prototypes, mirroring the brand’s commitment to minimal sophistication. The Objets Daso philosophy revolves around creating pieces that resonate with the wearer’s personality and character, transcending mere trends.

Fear of God

Fear of God infuses the classic tenets of quiet luxury with a refreshing Californian twist. As described by creative director Jerry Lorenzo, it is the fusion of an “indoor/outdoor California lifestyle.” From relaxed, oversized knitwear perfect for Malibu beachfront lounging to impeccable evening suiting, Fear of God effortlessly bridges casual comfort with refined elegance.



Stockholm-based Toteme may have made waves with its viral scarf jacket, but its journey in quiet luxury doesn’t end there. With a commitment to creating a unique “dress code and wardrobe,” Toteme’s designs encapsulate refined anonymity. Their pieces, whether it’s an olive green satin top or a universally adored coat, provide a canvas for infinite styling possibilities, underscoring the brand’s quiet luxury ethos.

Loro Piana

A paragon of luxury, Loro Piana has long been associated with unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Renowned for its exquisite textiles, especially its fine cashmere and wools, the brand embodies the essence of quiet luxury. With an emphasis on timeless designs and unmatched material quality, Loro Piana is a testament to luxury that speaks through subtlety rather than flamboyance. Each of these brands, in their unique way, champions the nuances of quiet luxury. Their shared commitment to craftsmanship, timeless design, and understated elegance ensures they remain etched in the annals of luxury fashion long after transient trends fade away.

Chapter 3: Two Mainstream Mavens of Quiet Luxury

While the fashion universe is expansive, only a select few master the fine art of conveying luxury with a whisper rather than a shout. Among these, two mainstream brands stand out, not merely for their popularity but for their unwavering commitment to the principles of quiet luxury. Let’s delve deeper into the nuanced sophistication of Max Mara and Bottega Veneta.

Max Mara: The Silent Powerhouse

Max Mara isn’t merely a fashion label; it’s a statement of intent. For years, this brand has catered to those who radiate self-assuredness not through flamboyance but through impeccable taste. There’s an innate power in every collection Max Mara unveils – a power that lies in its precise tailoring, its exceptional use of high-quality materials, and the silent message it sends: wearers are prepared to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

Photo: Max Mara

This ethos is epitomized in their outerwear. The brand’s double-faced cashmere coat, perfected decades ago, remains a testament to their skill and attention to detail. Max Mara doesn’t clamour for attention; it earns respect. Over time, many find their wardrobes subtly, yet unmistakably, dominated by the brand’s pieces, each acting as armour that shields gracefully.

Bottega Veneta: Timeless Understatement

Long before “quiet luxury” was a widely-recognized term, Bottega Veneta was already crafting its legacy. Especially in accessories, the brand has remained a paragon of subtle opulence. As Rebag’s Layne points out, Bottega Veneta introduced the world to its signature intrecciato leather handbags as early as the mid-sixties, an iconic design that’s as relevant today as it was then.

But the brand’s expertise isn’t confined to just leather goods. Take, for instance, its highly sought-after drop earrings, which have become celebrity favourites. At first glance, they’re simple, even minimalist. Yet, upon closer inspection, their sculptural intricacies reveal a masterclass in design. Like every piece the brand crafts, these earrings epitomize a minimalist quality that remains timeless.

Photo: Bottega Veneta

Both Max Mara and Bottega Veneta serve as reminders that true luxury doesn’t need to be loud. It lies in the details, the craftsmanship, and the enduring appeal of designs that transcend passing trends. In a world constantly chasing the next big thing, these brands remain steadfast in their commitment to quiet, undeniable luxury.

Conclusion: The Resonance of Silence in a World of Noise

In an era where bombastic expressions of opulence often dominate headlines, there exists an understated realm of fashion that speaks in hushed tones yet resonates profoundly. Quiet luxury is more than a trend or a fleeting buzzword; it’s a testament to the art of subtlety, a celebration of craftsmanship, and a nod to timelessness. These brands, from heritage stalwarts like Max Mara and Bottega Veneta to the emergent likes of The Row and Objets Daso, echo a consistent message: True luxury is not about being seen but about being felt.

As we’ve traversed this sartorial landscape, we’ve unearthed a compelling narrative of brands that prioritize essence over extravagance. They remind us that in a cacophonous world, there is immeasurable power in silence. Their designs whisper stories of meticulous craftsmanship, narratives of heritage, and tales of innovation, all wrapped in minimalism.

To embrace quiet luxury is to make a conscious choice, to value quality over quantity, and to seek meaning in the muted. As the world rapidly evolves, with trends coming and going at an unprecedented pace, these brands offer an anchoring point, a reminder of what remains constant amid change.

For enthusiasts, collectors, and everyday consumers alike, the allure of quiet luxury is not just in owning a piece of fashion but in becoming part of a larger narrative – one that champions the beauty of simplicity, the elegance of restraint, and the eternal allure of designs that speak softly yet leave an indelible mark. In the end, quiet luxury is not just a fashion statement; it’s a life philosophy, an ode to the age-old adage: less is indeed more.

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