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I am not really used to talk about Vogue as I am not sure it is really necessary but this year the Parisian September issue attract my attention. In deed Vogue got a new look and it is something that does not happen often. Check it out.


Vogue Paris is flaunting a redesign for its September edition to offer a new look-and-feel that the brand hopes will confirm its position as the leading women’s fashion magazine.

As Vogue will always be over the top, they decided to launch nor one but 3 different covers for their new rebooking magazine. All photos were taken by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and they feature Kate Moss, Lara Stone and Daria Werbow.

With Kate Moss
with Lara Stone
with Daria Werbow

The new design was created by Artistic Director Germain Chauveau and it is supposed to be more minimalistic, more essential. As we say, sometimes “less is more”.

According to Luxury Daily, here are the main changes in the magazine:

“Key physical changes include remodeled typography, new section names and a fashion opinion column called “Le point de vue de Vogue.”

There are 214 ad pages in this issue of Vogue Paris.

There will not be any additional marketing opportunities for luxury marketers at this time, but hopefully the new look of the magazine will reaffirm Vogue Paris’ position as the leading luxury fashion magazine.

“This September issue is as strong as the last,” Ms. Royant said.

“The redesign has not been used in negotiations to attract advertising for the September issue, but as an innovative, creative new magazine it is bound to appeal to advertisers and confirms our position as the leading women’s fashion magazine on the market,” she said.

Interestingly, other luxury-focused publications have used their September issues as a launching pad for redesigns.

For example, Condé Nast Traveller used its September issue to launch a redesign under new editor Melinda Stevens with advertisers including Chanel, Omega, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton to help kick it off.

The new look is defined as “wittier and edgier” and is likely being done to correlate with its new editor Melinda Stevens, who came on board this month.

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Info sourced at Luxury Daily and Vogue press release. All images are copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.