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as usual, here are the top articles of the week. They are the ones most viewed during the past 7 days.
Have a nice weekend.

#1- Dior VIII, Black is beautiful

Dior is launching a very elegant Timepiece called Dior VIII. The Timepiece House celebrates the passion for haute-couture. A black luxury timepiece inspired by the “1947 new look” of Mr Dior.
dior VIII


#2- SwissTV, VOD (R)evolution

SwissTV is a young company born in 2009 thanks to the aim of a small group of friends sharing the passion for Cinema. Their mission: to propose the best choice in terms of VOD in Switzerland. As a Swiss company, they propose quality, freedom, choice and reliability. All wrapped in a cutting-edge design.
swissTV box


#3- Sisley 2011 new product launch – exclusive

Sisley revealed the launch, next september, of 2 great products: SKINLEŸA, an anti-aging lift foundation and BLACK ROSE CREAM MASK, a real fountain of youth. All the event was like Sisley: a lot of good taste, generosity and a welcoming feeling.
skinleya sisley


#4- Anne Valérie Hash by luxuryactivist

ometimes fashion design touches poetry and according to me that is what makes Anne Valérie Hash a creative talent. She is our Fashion creator of the month.
anne valerie hash


#5- Diesel, from stupid to californian glamour

We all know the ad campaign “Stupid by Diesel”. Basically, Stupids do it better… That could be a nice tag line for a T-shirt or for twitter #stupidsdoitbetterThey kept the wicked context of some scenes and added a “cool mood”. Welcome to the “California girls attitude”.
diesel swimwear 2010