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We all know Switzerland has a reputation of keeping the secrets well guarded and some Swiss brands have been extremely successful  over the years. Victorinox is a symbol of inventiveness and can be considered as a brilliant success story. What is their secret for success? Innovation at all levels.

Here is what Mr. Carl Elsener, the company’s CEO says about Victorinox:

Mr_Elsener VictorinoxWhen my great-grandfather Karl Elsener opened a cutlery workshop to deliver a soldier knife to the Swiss army in 1884, he had a revolutionary idea in mind. He was looking for a compact and sturdy knife, which offered many functions combined in a single tool. What he invented has long become a legend: the Original Swiss Army Knife.


To show how innovative and modern thinking Victorinox is, they revealed this week a fascinating video about their Knives factory in Switzerland. Commissioned for the London olympic games, you can see how innovative Victorinox has been over the years. The Swiss jewel was carved and shaped over the years with the thinking that inventiveness and innovation are part of their philosophy of working.


This film is an open door to Victorinox headquarters and factory in Switzerland. You will follow Yvonne, the factory receptionist who throughout her story, the story of the place and Victorinox story itself will guide you into a very authentic experience. We can learn a lot of things about Victorinox, the people who work there and how they built up a factory with zero waist. In a world in which Sustainability became a fashion trend, Victorinox assumes that sustainability is purely integrated into their way to work.

Shot by Cat Botibol, Creative director at PD3 London, it was for her an amazing experience. Here are her words:
Shooting in the Victorinox Factory was like a Wes Anderson dream. The factory is so clean and colourful, and all the machinery, for the majority, manually operated. The overall direction of the film was to really bring to life the unique character of the factory, and of the people who work there crafting Victorinox products by hand.

If you wish to read more about this amazing project, you can check the official page here: 

So, now you know one of the best hidden secrets of Switzerland… 🙂



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