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Victorinox, the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife, is launching a new Limited Edition. It is called the Explorer Damast Limited Edition 2013. It is a beautiful tribute to Mr. Carl Elsener Sr. who left us last summer.

Carl Elsener Sr. – A Swiss visionary leader

The Victorinox family lost its Patriarch. He was an inventor, a visionary leader and a great entrepreneur. His son, current CEO of the company, said about him: “He always used to think with his heart and act with his smile“. He had a strong personality and a big charisma. Carl Elsener Sr. took over his father in the 50’s and since then, he made the Swiss company from Ibach to become the multi-national company that it is today.  He helped to bring the little red wonder to all the people around the world. He had a vision that became reality.


Today Victorinox sells millions of knives every year. With more than categories within the Knife division, Victorinox proposes different Pocket tools for different usages. From hunters, gardeners and Firemen towards the passionate camper and the relaxed weekender, you can find the perfect tool for the perfect situation.

Carl Elsener IV, builds the future.

Since 2007, the 4th generation of the Elsener family is at the head of the company. Carl Elsener IV has been pursuing the vision of his father to keep the Swiss Army Knife brand as a state of the art in terms of company. Excellence at work, quality, innovation, functionality and iconic design are in deed the philosophy of the company. Victorinox is an example in the world how many aspects of the business can be treated. His CEO works very hard every day to cultivate this company culture at its best.


He is the one who brought the traditional Swiss company to the Digital era. The is a place where customers and fans can find the best product, the best information about Victorinox and connect with the brand via Customer support and Social media. Millions of people every year browse the company website and get in touch with the brand. Because of his vision, passion and human skills, Carl Elsener IV was appointed Businessman of the year 2013 by the magazine Handelszeitung.  Last year he was already rewarded with the Swiss Award of best Businessman. This shows how outstanding his work is. Congratulations.

It was also under his initiative that Victorinox also took the opportunity to develop several limited editions, in order to surprise and to explore different fields of expertise.  One of the Limited editions series  is the Damascus steel .

The Explorer Damascus Steel Limited Edition 2013


With the lost of Carl Elsener Sr last summer, Victorinox decided to make a tribute to his memory as a visionary leader and entrepreneur. He had a long standing affinity with his Swiss army Explorer. The Explorer is the Swiss officer’s knife made for explorers and travelers. A compact and amazingly useful toolbox that you can carry everywhere. The functions specifications are:

  1. Large blade 
  2. Small blade 
  3. Can opener with 
  4. Small screwdriver
  5. Corkscrew 
  6. Reamer, Punch 
  7. Phillips screwdriver 
  8. Key ring 
  9. Toothpick 
  10. Tweezers 
  11. Multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier) 
  12. Cap lifter with
  13. Screwdriver and
  14. Wire stripper
  15. Scissors 
  16. Magnifying lens 

So this year Victorinox is relaunching the Explorer in a very limited and precious edition. Only 7’000 unites were produced in the world.


The Damascus steel – state of the art.

Carl-Elsener-Limited-Edition-Damascus-blade-detail Carl-Elsener-Limited-Edition-Damascus-blade

There is a lot of legends and stories around the Damascus steel. Still today we do not really know exactly how sword-smiths from middle-age would really produce such specific blades. The earlier descriptions found by historians and archeologists are dated from 300 BC in India. A blade made of this steel is characterized by distinctive patterns of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water. Such blades were reputed to be tough, resistant to shattering and capable of being honed to a sharp, resilient edge. Today it represents a luxury item as only Sweden is capable of producing such steel at an industrial level. The big blade of this knife is manufactured from stainless high quality Damascus steel, 60 HRc.

The special oakwood handles

Carl-Elsener-Limited-Edition-Damascus-feature Carl-Elsener-Limited-Edition-Damascus-signature-detail

In order to give the Swiss Army Explorer a different dimension and an outstanding look, the knife body is made of wood. Manufactured of the best Oak wood this new handle gives a very authentic look yet very noble. 2 important details are to mention. The first one is the signature of Carl Elsener Sr engraved in the heart of the wood thanks to the finest laser marker. This provides a true redemption of the real signature. The second detail is the company’s logo – the Swiss Cross & Shield. In this special edition, it is made of fine stainless steel and embedded in the wood itself. The quality of these details are amazing and make this product a true collector.

The beautiful limited edition display

With such a beautiful Limited Edition, the outer-packaging needed to be also very beautiful. And Victorinox knows how to highlight their creations. With a black soft-touch box, the new Damascus Explorer Limited Edition has a magnificent place, completely highlighted by the front transparent window. It makes the perfect display for your collector.

Carl-Elsener-Limited-Edition-Damascus Carl-Elsener-Limited-Edition-Damascus-display

Each item is serial numbered and the edition is strictly limited to 7’000 pieces worldwide. So you better hurry and contact your preferred dealer in order to get one! If you need some help from Victorinox in this topic, do not hesitate to connect to and search for the Customer Service area in the site. They will be able to help you.

What is the secret of Victorinox success? Excellence at work at its best (always).



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