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Watches and Wonders Geneva 2023 brings together some of the most prestigious and innovative brands in the world of horology, offering a unique opportunity for collectors, enthusiasts, and industry insiders to experience the latest trends and developments in the world of watches. Originally known as the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), Watches and Wonders Geneva has been an industry staple for over 30 years. Today, the event is home to some of the biggest names in luxury watchmaking, with over 30 brands exhibiting their latest creations to an international audience.

For the Swiss watchmaking industry, Watches and Wonders Geneva represent an unparalleled opportunity to showcase what the country offers regarding craftsmanship, design, and innovation. It is a chance for brands to connect with their audience, introduce new products and technologies, and celebrate the artistry and heritage of Swiss watchmaking. Watches and Wonders Geneva 2023 is one of the most anticipated events in the world of watchmaking, bringing together some of the biggest names in luxury timepieces.

The 2023 edition of Watches and Wonders Geneva will take place in just a few days. While the first days will be dedicated to professionals, the Salon will open its doors to the public on Saturday, the 1st and Sunday, the 2nd of April, 2023.

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This five-day event offers a unique opportunity for industry insiders, collectors, and enthusiasts to discover the latest trends and innovations in the world of horology. With 48 of the most prestigious watch brands in attendance, visitors can expect to see an impressive range of new releases, limited edition pieces, and cutting-edge technology on display. And for the first time, the Salon will also take over the streets of Geneva with a special In the City program open to all. If you’re a watch lover, this is an event you won’t want to miss!

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Initial thoughts about the watch fair

Connoisseurs, enthusiasts and those who are curious will be able to discover the marvels of the 48 exhibiting Maisons, from the most outstanding historical watchmakers to independent workshops and artisans. From exceptional pieces and new collections to skilled craftsmanship, there will be something to satisfy every curious mind.

The future of watchmaking will be on show in the LAB area, while the exhibition ‘What time is it?’ by Karine Bauzin will give us a preview of the Swiss photographer’s work on her artistic perception of time. A visit to the Salon will reveal the year’s new creations and other exceptional pieces.

To find out more, head for the Auditorium. Themed talks will cover the key watchmaking news and trends throughout the weekend – in two languages. No registration is required. The Salon will also run guided tours for small groups several times daily.

Having the public attend Watches and Wonders for the first time is a significant development for the watch industry. Historically, the event has been exclusive to industry professionals, collectors, and journalists, making it difficult for the general public to gain access to the latest watch innovations and designs.

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By opening up the event to the public, Watches and Wonders is providing a unique opportunity for watch enthusiasts and collectors to experience the latest products and connect with watch brands directly. This move allows for a wider audience to engage with the watch industry and deepen their appreciation for the craft and precision that goes into each timepiece.

Moreover, this new development will foster a sense of community and inclusivity around the world of watches, as more people will be able to experience and enjoy the event firsthand. Overall, the inclusion of the public at Watches and Wonders marks an exciting step forward for the industry, and we can expect the event to be even more dynamic and engaging than ever before.

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A festival in three words: In the City

In parallel, Watches and Wonders will also be present in the heart of its host city for the first time. This festival of watchmaking, called In the City, will be free and open to everyone. Visitors can therefore wander freely through the Rues Basses of the city centre and spot the WandW display columns. This will be the sign that the boutiques have surprises in store: including historical pieces, demonstration workshops, a chance to chat with the watchmakers, a preview of new pieces, etc. To add spice to the experience, an interactive watch rally has been organized especially for the occasion. Using the QR codes scattered along a route, the public can discover the participating boutiques and emblematic sites.

Photo: Watches and Wonders
Photo: Watches and Wonders

When the sun goes down, In the City will continue to beat in the heart of Geneva. On March 30, all the participating boutiques will stay open until 9 pm, while a particular program has been created for this evening of festivities. Artists, dancers and musicians will take over five stages along the streets, beginning at 5 pm. At the Pont de la Machine, a conference on “Geneva, Switzerland and Watchmaking” will be open to all who register. A collection of food trucks will be stationed at the city’s main crossroads with one objective: get ready for a free concert from the celebrated DJ/Producer The Avener at Quai du Général Guisan at 8 pm. See the programme here:

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Watches and Wonders 2023 promises to be an incredible event for watch enthusiasts and industry professionals. With top watch brands showcasing their latest innovations and products, attendees can look forward to an exciting lineup of launches and announcements. The event will occur in Geneva, Switzerland, from March 27 to April 2, 2023. So mark your calendars and get ready to be dazzled by the latest timepieces from some of the world’s most renowned watchmakers. It’s sure to be a time well spent for anyone with an appreciation for precision, craftsmanship, and of course… watches.

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