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The JM Weston woman, a true contemporary vision of femininity. 

JM Weston represents the charming Parisian luxury. By bringing back the iconic "Drugstore gang", the luxury shoes house revamped the idea of fearless youth, almost timeless and that each one of us...

Friday Chronicle #16: Luxury is dead, Hyper-Luxury is the new black.

A Hermes Kelly bag, a Bulgari emerald ring, or a Serge Lutens Fragrance? No thank you. Not luxury enough! In deed welcome to the era of the Hyper-Luxury.

JM Weston 2015 Collection Particulière Saint-Honoré, Timeless elegance.

In 2013, for the opening of the J.M. Weston shop in Rue Saint-Honoré, Michel Perry decided to rethink the loafer 180 and the double sole derby, but also small and large leather goods in materials and tones of ocean blue and black, thus giving birth to the Saint-Honoré special collection. A daring combination that led the way to two-tone colour matches. To complete the palette, grey now in turn gives full expression to the J.M. Weston style. And it is simply amazing.

The new Drugstore band is back. Le MOC, a new story by JM Weston. 

With the launch of a new Mocassin called Le Moc, JM Weston revive an exciting period of the Parisian history: the 60's and the band of the Drugstore. They were young French...

JM Weston presents Le Moc: the mocassin for generation Y.

JM Weston dares to reinvent the Mocassin by launching the MOC, a flexible, essential version of the 180. The interior buttresses disappeared, the leather skins are carefully chosen for their flexibility and their maintenance, assembly is carefully achieved through expertise always perfected.

JM Weston reopens the Brand store in Paris, La Madeleine.

JM Weston has an amazing history and a great heritage in which Michel Perry, the Artistic Director of the Manufacture, draws his inspiration. Michel Perry not only creates all the product collections...

Friday Chronicles #5: The purpose of a luxury Brand, The lost world.

In 2013, the luxury industry grew by 4% to cross the bar of $ 200 billion worldwide. At constant exchange rates, the growth would have been 6% (source: Bain company 2013 study)....

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