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Here is a new apple story in Switzerland. No, it is not a new iPhone. For once we are talking about true apples, the fruit. This beginning of the year marks the arrival of a cool Apple refreshing beverage called Somersby.
The challenge is huge as Switzerland is the country of the well-known Apfel-Schorle a popular Swiss beverage (originally invented in Germany) based on sparkling apple juice.
Somersby reinvents the territory of beverages based on Apples. It brings a much more modern, almost lifestyle and a crispy touch of humor to this segment. The brand belongs to Danish Calrsberg group and presents an interesting blend of apple juice and fruits wine. There is 4.5%Alcohol, so please do not think it is only Apple juice 🙂

Somersby beverage
Somersby tackles an interesting though tuff market, which is beverages. In deed only a few new brands have successfully penetrated the market as competition is high, segmentation is hard and customer’s loyalty can be high or low, depends on what we are talking and to whom.
But Somersby is not at its first market introduction.
Originally developed for the Danish market, Somersby is already in more than 35 countries like UK, Russia, Australia, Canada or the USA. It is basically in all corners of the world as Apples might be one of the most universal fruits of all.

Somersby Apple
Of the world ten biggest “cider brands”, Somersby is the one with the biggest growth within the past 2 years. According to the brand, In recent years, cider has experienced a dramatic renaissance. Today, it is a very popular alternative to beer and wine, and a natural alternative to flavoured Ready-to-Drink products. They made apple cider cool again. It is as simple as that. Most of their strategy in Switzerland was to reach social influencers by working directly with bloggers, twitter-animals, instagramers and other 2.0 individuals. By bringing to them the Somersby experience, they created the buzz. It is all based on customer generated content and it works. Sometimes it is not easy for brands to find the perfect angle to approach influencers, often allergic to Marketing blabla. Here, the brand made the proof by the experience. With the help of Coolbrandz, Somersby generated a true experience towards happy people willing to share it in life as well as in virtual life.

Somersby Switzerland

Somersby in Switzerland


Somersby in Heidi land

The product facts:
– 4.5% alc. vol. apple cider
– Made from fermented apple juice, with added apple juice, sugar and natural flavoring to give a crisp and delicious apple cider taste
– No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colourings
– 55 kcal/100ml
– 12 months shelf life (glass bottle)
– Best served over ice

At Luxuryactivist, we could not resist to taste this refreshing beverage. We tried as we would describe as “on the rocks”, with a lot of ice. The first feeling was a crispy sparkling sensation. We could immediately recognize the apple with a mouth-watering dazzling effect. It is definitely much more natural than all the sweety-flavored new drinks and the balance between the fruits and the alcohol was good. Definitely the next big hit in Switzerland. Another interesting fact is that rather than using the traditional sporty-outdoor territory or a more sexy-party environment for this kind of beverage, Somersby used humor. Humor is the strongest weapons of all, and Somersby has a lot of it. They created a fiction character named Lord Somersby who is proudly the biggest brand ambassador. Despite its Danish origin, the cider is marketed in many territories using the character “Lord Somersby”, a fictional British Lord of the manor. The beverage has no discernable connections to the English village of Somersby, Lincolnshire though.

Lord Somersby

Lord Somersby story

To learn more about this cool new brand in Switzerland, do not hesitate to visit the website:
You can also connect to the brand via Facebook by clicking here.

Be a fresh prince this Spring with the cool attitude of Lord Somersby.

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