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Watches have grown to be very innovative in this day in age. They also seem to be
incredibly recession proof. From the design of the watch and its multiple functions to the
watch display cases there is definitely an art behind each product on the market. Below we have listed some of the innovative watches that each have their own artistic inspiration.

Nike Strive Wrist Watch

The Nike Strive watch is clearly tailored towards athletes with a hint of style. The Nike product has a sleek, flat digital face and a slender band so that the features all together seem very futuristic.


Nike has always taken the approach of clean look but customizable by the user too. The Nike Strive comes with various colors of faceplates: pink, silver, or gold. There is versatility in the Nike Strive as well, from running early mornings to going out at night, the watch fits in both environments. It was a hit at CES 2013.




Tokyoflash Aeon LCD Watch

The Tokyoflash Aeon LCD Watch captures your attention from first glimpse for one particular reason, the transparent LCD face displays the time in floating fashion. The concept is said to be inspired by the art of tattooing and described as, “an inventive system of overlapping characters tells the wearer the time.”


The Tokyoflash Aeon LCD Watch displays the time with a sense of elegance with the chronometer design. Of course the watch looks futuristic and the artistic inspiration is beyond unique.


The Nanolet

Curve Creative, the start-up design studio, created the Nanolet  – a slim watch that holds your iPod Nano at its centerpiece. The product is very light and thin when strapped around your wrist.


Curve Creative sets itself apart by creating an attractive wrist watch that can hold an iPod but with a conventional look. Its touchscreen faceplate looks nothing less than hi-tech and with a flexible band there is always a comfortable fit.



Urwerk ur-202

The Urwerk wrist watch is very unconventional in its display because it uses telescope minute hands that count on a linear time line across the bottom of the watch face’s display. The minute hand has three arms which sit in triangular form somewhat in the middle of the watch face; the three arms rotate to show the current hour. The rotating arm is signaling the correct hour, the other two are inactive.

Urwerk UR-202

The watch is able to power the rotating arms through compressed air. The Urwerk Ur-202 makes the compressed air though small wind tunnels on the backside of the watch.

The Frank Gehry Watch

Fossil was able to produce this watch at the hands of architect Frank Gehry. There is no numerical clock, but the display shows the time in a handwritten font. This type of display gives a more familiar feel, also a little less formal but still clean in design. If the time is 7:50pm it will read 10 ‘til 8.


The Fossil product is sure to attract a younger crowd just because the clock is shown at such a personal level. The lock shows on a vertical led screen and shows both negative and positive space. There are a few customizable settings in the innovative Gehry creation.

By Liz Becker


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