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Victorinox fragrances launched the second episode of their annual operation called Swiss Unlimited Travel Diaries. This time, they followed a Swiss Artist and Photographer, Joël Tettamanti, in an amazing adventure in USA at an Aircraft Boneyard.


As you know, Victorinox is a swiss company famous in the world for the creation of the original Swiss Army knife. And since 1884, the swiss company never stopped innovation. One of the last Product categories to join the brand’s unique territory are Fragrances. In deed, Victorinox Fragrances have been opening a new path for different and timeless fragrances. It started in 1997 with Swiss Army Classic Eau de toilette. It wan the international Fragrance oscar (FiFi award) for best packaging. 12 years after, the swiss fragrance brand got a new perfumery oscar for the latest fragrance for men: Victorinox Swiss Unlimited. This time it was the Oscar for Technological breakthrough of the year.


Following this path for innovation and deep marketing building, this year Victorinox introduces its new episode of the Swiss Unlimited Travel Diaries. Already last year, we were surprised by the “Swiss way of Freshness operation“, a great viral video about Switzerland and the freshness of a beautiful swiss lake in the alps. In 2012, we start the year with a more artistic work.

Joël Tettamanti is a Swiss Artist and Photographer that had been building his reputation around the world. In deed, his work could be described as “essential”. With a Industrial Design background, Joël’s work get the authentic quintessence of a place, an object of a person. “Less is more” and in this case, the swiss Artist becomes more and more a world reference.

Victorinox Fragrances launched last year a very special edition under the Swiss Unlimited line, called PURE METAL EDITION. For this special product, the Fragrance brand asked Joël Tettamanti to create the product packshot directly in the heart of the legendary Swiss Army Knife Factory in Ibach-Switzerland. The result is a massive, masculine and true product portrait in an authentic factory view. Check here the making-of about the photo shooting.

After this true artistic collaboration, Victorinox Fragrances presented the Travel Diaries project to Joël. Today we can follow the swiss Artist in the dedicated blog about his special trip to an Aircraft Boneyard in the US. The place is called BigHorn County airport, close to the city of GreyBull.

Bighorn Aicraft boneyard

Each week, Joël reveals part of his work in the dedicated blog, an amazing photographic adventure inside this amazing place. He was followed by Jeremy Ayer, one of his disciples from ECAL (art school in Lausanne). Jeremy took the opportunity to make some interesting films there.