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Every year, many brands in the perfumery industry try to bring a new limited edition of their best-selling fragrances in order to boost Christmas sales. Some of them are above average by the luxury, the caring and the loyalty of this important moment with the fans. And Sisley is by far the champion.

For the past 13 years, Sisley has been loyal to this rendez-vous with the fans. Every year Eau du Soir dresses a new theme to seduce and astonish the fans of this amazing fragrance. And this year the inspiration comes from Eastern Europe in a amazing green and gold limited edition.


The fragrance and the flacon remain untouched but the decoration theme dresses Eau du Soir on a new angle. Inspired by the craftsmanship of Polish art, the new limited edition is a nod to Eastern European fabrics and embroidery. It is definitely baroque! The minth green colour flashed by chiseled gold Acanthus leaves are brought to take you away from your daily life. Feel free to embrace this exotic oriental adventure.

Check here the complete review of this product in video so you can discover all the details:

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This amazing piece of art will be available in all Sisley point of sales from September to December 2013. Please note that only 10.000 units were produced so that it is definitely a special relationship with the brand fans during christmas.

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