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Since 2005, Mugler brought a new bright light into the world by launching Alien Eau de Parfum. Sixteen years later, the Alien story is more than never alive, and today, the French luxury house is launching Alien Goddess. More than a fragrance, it is a true manifesto about new femininity. A new era awaits you.

Alien Goddess, The Promise Of A New Hope

If you ask Mugler how they would describe Alien Goddess, this is what they would say: At a time when people seek light in the darkness, a solar goddess is paving the way to a miraculous but true destiny. 
In perfect harmony with body and soul, she is ready to magnify the world around her with glory, generosity and benevolence. 

We can see that the world is for sure upside-down. The more life becomes harder; there is one thing that unites us and gets us through the rudeness of darkness: hope. Alien delivers the precise message by shining a new light showing the direction you should take, like a personal guide. More than never, all the standards vanish and leave the room to a new world, not the one we inherited but the one we are crafting with our hands.

The mystic flower will re-energize the empty world and provide a new light that will warm your heart and give you the hope of better days. The Mugler Alien story has been truthful to the same positive message about an extraordinary woman, half guide, half goddess.


An Universal Call To All Women

Alien Goddess is a true universal call to women. She creates the extraordinary and makes you believe in the miracles you can see each day, just by letting positiveness enter your world. It is also a manifesto of self-acceptance. Alien Goddess brings you the powerful message that says that there are no standards. You can actually create your own references and benchmarks. This strong message allows Mugler to also talk to a new generation of fragrance lovers, Generation Z.

Willow Smith, the daughter of Will Smith and Jadae Pinkett Smith, who is a singer and actress, has been chosen to embody a new vision of femininity that is at once strong, powerful, inclusive and “edgy”. She has free herself from barriers and decides her own destiny by following her dreams and intuitions. When you ask her what does she think about this project, this is what she told L’Officiel:

“To me, Alien Goddess is a manifesto. It urges us to be wholly ourselves, to brandish what makes us unique with pride. Beyond that, this new dazzling creation gives us the strength to find the best within ourselves, whoever we are, in order to accomplish extraordinary things with a positive impact on the world and those around us. It’s a powerful message of kindness, hope, and joy”.

Willow Smith – L’Officiel

Alien Goddess – The Fragrance Description

What makes me love Mugler is the uncompromising approach of perfumery the brand has. Creation primes over commercial and daring will always be part of the olfactory brief. , Mastering unmastered ingredients. Daring paradoxical combinations and, above all, taking the risk not to please everyone, and that’s fine: Who wants to smell like anyone else, right?! We also tend to say that not all perfumers can work for Mugler as generally, you will need to battle with olfactory titans.


Alien Goddess is by far the most interesting fragrance in 2021 so far. For once, you do not get sun-kissed skin; you are offered a true solar embrace! This floral oriental woody creation leaves behind a trail facetted by the most glorious ingredients in the perfumer’s palette that will mesmerize your senses.

The new fragrance starts its olfactory journey with a beautiful and bright Italian Bergamot. It crosses the entire olfactory structure of the fragrance, bringing a soft but intense light. At the same time, elegance is a state of art. This journey pursuits into a solar heart of white flowers, especially thanks to the Superinfusion of Indian Jasmine Grandiflorum. This method is well-known within the L’Oreal Group, allows a more facetted extraction of the flower, which multiplies the olfactory possibilities in a fragrance structure. The Superinfusion process gives the Jasmine petals a modern facet, both fruity and petal-like, as well as a creamy texture. 

Alien Goddess finishes this dazzling olfactory journey into a soft yet intense aura of pure energy thanks to a premium infusion of Vanilla bourbon. This consciously-sourced premium extract is obtained through an extraction technology allowing to seize the complete organoleptic profile at the heart of the raw material. Unveiling a delicious Vanilla note with balsamic tonalities, it will delight your senses with deep mysterious warm vibrations.

The new fragrance is a creation with four hands and two brilliant minds. The dynamic duo from Firmenich is Nathalie Lorson and Marie Salamagne. Nathalie is the experience and the complete mastery of powerful ingredients that only a few perfumers can control. Marie sees her creations as paintings; the ingredients used would create contrasts.

The Flacon, A Powerful Talisman

From its inception back in 2005, Alien has developed a unique and extraordinary collection of flacons-talismans. Their design is edgy yet elegant, powerful yet feminine, and these flacons represent the perfect receptacle for such an outstanding fragrance.


On the outside, a new intriguing gold talisman bottle, both organic and dreamy, with exquisite shaded golden lacquering suggesting daybreak. Inside and out, this bottle gleams with all of its radiance. It has a beautiful aroma that envelops you and radiates indefinitely.

The Alien Goddess bottle retains the shape of the original Alien fragrance, launched in 2005 but a golden colour. The fragrance is available as 30, 60 and 90 ml Eau de Parfum. MUGLER is committed to a more responsible luxury by offering unique bottles, refillable thanks to the Refill Bottle.


Willow Smith And The AudioVisual campaign

Willow Smith has joined Mugler’s Alien Goddess fragrance as the new face of the brand. The Red Table Talk singer has been chosen as the new muse for the company due to her enthusiasm for art, fashion, and social concerns, as seen by her current cosmic punk track “Transparent Soul.” The campaign was directed by Emmanuel Adjei and photographed by Txema Yeste.

“What has impressed us when meeting Willow is her openness, determination, confidence, and her desire to move the world. She is definitely a role model for the young generation and the perfect embodiment of what is Mugler today”

Sandrine Groslier – Global Brand President of Mugler Fashion and Fragrance

So I can only advise you to run into your preferred perfumery store and discover this new chapter of the Mugler Alien story. But be careful: high addiction alert!

José Amorim
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